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clarification of the gala table sponorships...

Carol  ·  Jul. 13, 2012

the $200 table sponsorships...are a seperate thing..these table sponsorships help cover the actual costs of the full event..venue, catering etc... so that the money we raise thru gala ticket sales, individual animal sponsorships, etc..all goes to the vet bills and not a big chunk going out to pay for the cost of the event.

so if you sponsor a table for $200..that goes into the pay for the event pot.
if you then buy tickets to the event that will cost another $60...if 8 folks pool togther and buy tickets for an entire table (8) then they basically get a bit of a discount so each of their ticket prices goes down a little.

also..just so everyone knows...we know this is a very expensive event to attend and not all of our volunteers can afford it.
every year i have a few extra tickets stashed specifically for our volunteers who would like to come but are on a limited budget. i want all of us to be able to be there cuz you guys give so much to the saints animals all during the year...just let me know and i will put a ticket aside for you.



hi, we have for 1 table so far me, my daughter, ko tammy brenda dionne andi think carol anne so need one more but we could have more tables for the volunteers if anyone wants to do that. i could arrange it if anyone wants. will see some people today.

Kate Dumaresq

Hi Carol,
My mom lives in an artist live/work building that happens to have a photographer who specializes in pet portraits, who would love to come and do portraits of saints animals, for free! She was really excited about what saints does, and is going to tell all of her big clients about saints! she is also going to mention saints in her very popular blog and web site.
I think the artists in my moms building will be a great resource.
After all, it's not what you know, it's who you know! And these people know people! People who are willing and able to help saints! (I'm willing, but poor, and therefor not really able)
p.s. is it ok if I take the liberty of using "we" and "us" when referring to saints to other people?