Rescue Journal

heads up for tomorrow...sugar (aka wilma) is back for a couple of weeks.

Carol  ·  Jul. 13, 2012

she will be going into the vets next week for a bloodsugar curve and a fructosamine,..easier for me to assess her and see how she is doing and make any adjustments if she is here. zoe is missing her already but with a recent death in her family, she has a lot on her plate right now.

for those who have not seen her recently, sugar has lost both of her eyes since she went out into foster care due to progressive and painful for the mp building volunteers..sugar will need to be helped to her feet and assisted in and out and for all of us to make sure she has easy access to water at all times until she re-orientates herself.

and just a reminder...the weekend folks do not need to feed canned food to any of the dogs in the mp building or shop..i take care of the mp building/shop dogs (and shop pigs!) feedings morning and night on the weekends...but please do continue to ensure their dry food and water bowls are full.




Yeah! I admit I was overwhelmed when I tried to get in and Riley had the door blocked with herself. But hanging with them and getting them comfy and clean made for a very good day! How can u not live those guys in the MP room?


truly great job today shawn...everyone looked so absolutely comfy and relaxed when i checked on them at lunch time!!!!!


Hi Carol. I made sure Sugar went outside with me to do her business. She had water and food right by her when I left. I hope i did ok with the MP room as it was my second time in there. I love those dogs!


Thank you for letting me know. I'm in the MP room tomorrow and I will make sure I help her out!