Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 15, 2012

i will leave it to the searchers to tell the tale..she was safe and sound by the time i got home.



Marla in SD

My Molly (red heeler) and Hazel (chow/lab) decided to go out a side gate that was warped from the winter weather and rain on very wet afternoon. We found Hazel after only a couple of hours, but Molly went missing for three days and two nights in an April drizzle. I walked through mud and snow and rain for hours many, many hours, calling for her and searching for any sign, had my family out looking for her, and went to bed two nights in a row terrified that I'd never see her again. Not to mention having to deal with the heartbreak on my husband's face every time I looked at him. We have a really good friend who was a city police officer on night-shift during that time who drove alleys, parking lots, and everywhere else while he was patrolling, calling and looking for her. At noon the third day, I received four calls in a row from people saying they saw her. She was absolutely terrified and it took everything we had to get her to come to the car. I had to pull over on twice the way home to cry (about 1.5 miles). She was cold, dirty, tired, and hungry, but once she had a bite to eat (on Daddy's lap, of course!) she curled up and slept for almost 12 hours straight. A bath, a few good meals, and she was back to her wonderful self. She's uncertain now about going out the gate, which is a good thing - I don't EVER want to go through anything like that again!

Welcome Home, Tina!


Thank you to John and Sue for your donation, the Saints sure appreciate the cool air!

Kate Dumaresq

The air conditioner is from a kind couple, John and Sue, from Abbotsford. Their son kindly delivered it to SAINTS today.
We have had so many wonderful people come forward with air conditioners! There are still 4 more coming!
There have also been people who don't have a/c's but want to help, I have sent them to 1000saints and hopefully they have signed up.
Thank you to all of the people who responded to the ads.


It was the greatest sound I heard while I was searching the school yard next door looking for Tina. All of a sudden everyone out searching was yelling "YAHOO" all over the saints property!! She was found! Good team work for all that were involved. While we were out searching a young couple pulled into the driveway and delivered a portable air conditioner which is now in the shop. I apologize that I did not get their names or where they were from, it was a little crazy at that moment!


A similar thing happened to one of my dogs. I had to go out somewhere for a few hours and while I was gone, a thunder storm passed through. When I got back home, only 2 of 3 dogs greeted me. I called and called, but my youngest was missing from the fenced in yard. Needless to say, friends and I search the yard again, under the deck and shed, then search in the fields and woods surrounding my home -- in the pouring rain. Finally, when it got dark, we called off the search till morning. I kept standing outside, calling and calling. At 1:30 am, I let my other 2 out back to have their final pee before bed -- who should be at the back door -- my missing dog! He was bone dry! Found out the next day he had burrowed himself so deep under the shed we could not see him, even with a flashlight! I did not yell, simply cried -- like Mo -- so happy to have him home safe!!


We think she slipped under the feed room shed whem we had a bit of kidding we had looked and called and looked and called some more..helga laura KO dionne michelle janice tammy all of us walked the proprty several times..drove all over the gut was telling me she did not get out..i was so worried she had a stroke or somthing and was lying somewhere and could not respond...i went back to the barn are and was crawling around looking under everything i thought she could fit under..i turn around and call again..and then i heard somethimg..turn back and there she me her little smile and waggin her little tail..i burst into tears...i yelled out whoo hoo ifound her...the neighbours all clapped and gave a thumbs up.