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i get one day off this week and honestly.....

Carol  ·  Jul. 18, 2012

i wake up at 0530???

it is probably a good thing i suppose..not sure exactly how..but i will pretend that it is.

ann and lynne? confirmimg that you guys are helping out here on friday still when we are short staffed? renee will be in for part of the day and will take care of the feeding, walks, meds and daily baths..but are you guys still on for the house...just need to be sure???

also want to let folks know that janice's heart on noses mini pig sanctuary is having their big garage sale this saturday so if you have time to stop by and support them, that would be great!..i thnk the address for the sale is on her facebook page.

as for the first late afternoon, early evening at my new job that i will need help up here cuz i am working an afternoon is wednesday july 25th for the house and mp building. so if folks that are interested in wanting to help out on that day...maybe if you come up on the monday the 23rd and tuesday the 24th around 530 pm when i get home from work...i can run you thru the routine?

busy day today..sugar goes into the vets in maple ridge this morning for her diabetes check, pick up the new flight cage for the budgies which is thankfully in maple ridge too, do a feed run to last the next week on the way home, send janice out for a hay run and help her unload (we don't have enough money to have a full delivery load)..penny is taking danny-boy in for his neuter and i will pick him up later this afternoon after i pick up sugar.....oh and i better book doc in for his neuter pretty soon too cuz i think he is healthy enough now.....i have that initial interview appointment for that archives thing i am doing, need to put in motion a plan for dixie's return which will be in the next couple of i am pretty damn sure i am forgetting that i am supposed to be doing some other freaking thing...hope it comes to me soon!

i start my first casual job orientation tomorrow which is a bit nerve racking and then back to work at my regular job on thursday...and this brings to mind the next thing i wanted to ask of everyone....i have a favor to ask...

i don't think folks realize how many times in a day whether i am here or working...that i get bombarded with stuff.....someone is upset, someone has a question or an idea or a thought or needs some kind of change made or someone needs me to to do something right away. my cell phone rings constantly, the emails fly in, i get stopped continually and pulled away from what i am doing....and usually it is all fine cuz that is just the way it is around here.

but it is not going to be fine for the next two or three weeks cuz i am going to be really busy and stressed (i hate starting new jobs...i like to comfortably know exactly what i am doing and i like feeling competent in my routines)...sooo..if at all possible if some not too critical things can be put on hold for a little bit without me..i would really appreciate this. after the first week in august, i should have at least part of my mind back and then i can be bombarded again!

if something is important..certainly feel free to talk to me but if it can wait, that would be great...this fragile old mind can only hold (not) so many things right now and it is going to be full of my working stuff and the things i really need to take care of here for a bit.


Kate Dumaresq

I dropped off two air conditioners, just left them outside the garage door (I couldn't find anyone to open it up).
They were kindly donated by Phil and his dog Duke, from Chilliwack.
Phil is a contractor and has offered his help doing construction stuff!
I wanted to mention the wonderful people who have donated air conditioners. *the first air conditioner came from a very kind lady named Candis in Vancouver (and her little doggie).
Thank you so much to all of the people who responded to the ad!
SAINTS needs support from all of us!

Ann C

Hi Curt If you are at saints on the weekend you could leave it in my basket in the office, that would be great, thanks a lot!


yes i can come on the 25 to help out and i will come when maggie is coming also.


when are you up at Saints. The offer still stands (anything to help the furry & feathery creatures)?


Hi Carol - just talked to the vet re: Daniel and they said you would be picking him up. Sounds as if he's doing well (he's such a sweetie). The pet carrier is one of mine, so if you can just leave it in the med room somewhere, I will pick it up on Sunday. Thanks.

Ann C

Hi Curt, Just so we're clear the memory stick I'm picking up already exsists with info on it, so I am not actually buying one. However if your offer still stands I would be most happy to accept as I need to buy one to back-up the accounting data for saints. Thanks


Ann / Carol I have some new memory sticks I bought when they were on sale, I can always donate one to Saints. Just let me know if you need one (8 Gig Stick)


I think you were wanting to get Tina in for a check up..could that be the " i am supposed to be doing some other freaking thing…"

Ann C

Hi Carol I'll be there on Friday to clean. Saw your message yesterday about the memory stick I'll pick that up then. I am at work today 604-826-5391 call me if you can re taxes.


Carol - I can pick Daniel up from the vet this afternoon and bring him back to SAINTS. No problem. Unless there was a reason you wanted to pick him up? Let me know.