Rescue Journal

it is quite a treat...

Carol  ·  Jul. 21, 2012

to lay on my bed on a quiet evening and try to watch tv over the kerthumping and playing bodies of mystic and june...(who by the way..trashed a couple of my pillows yesterday while i was at work but did not get channel changer #18...whew!) toss in a kill the hand session with daphne, and a prevent a face rape with hilda, and protect tiny tina from being stepped on and pulling toothless mini me from june's patient and gentle neck and toss the squeaky toy for joey and keep escalatingly pissed off peluchi from blowing his gasket over all of the commotion...and if you are like is kind of like a free for all carnival in bed every night...(minus the cotton candy.)

and i wonder why i am tired...every night begins with a bed buddy party.

so it looks like that charm dog who i posted about last week is once again coming, facebooking him did not bring any magical results for this little guy. whatever, he is little but that means we are full again cuz three new dogs will have found their way here in the past week and that will be enough new ones for a while for me.

there are still three cats hovering on the periphery of getting here...dodger and the two pathetic messed up hoarded ones from little cats lost in alberta so.... not taking in any other cats either right now.
esther's was finally healed leg is breaking down is because she is down which adds extra pressure so she is bugging it again. her time is getting closer...she is such a great dog in the world.

oh shit..look at the time..i gotta get to work!



I'll bring a bit of chicken broth (made some for soup today) to water down ZsuZsu's and the FeLeuks' food tomorrow.


virginia..not to rush..i will save their spots for them. oh..and no albertan cockers have come our way.

sheila..pop charm in the playpan in the computer room..i wil sort him out at lunch.

erin..zu zsu does that if her food is not watered down enough....she likes it watery.


carol, please have a look at zu-zu, she was trying to eat her dish earlier, well she was trying to eat the food but kept biting the dish, maybe her vision was playing tricks on her?


Carol. I will be at SAINTS at around 11 AM with Charm.
Where am I putting her - in laundry area where the kitchen is or is there a dog there already?


Hi from LCL! Update on Chloe and Pokey. Ok due to Pokey's ear drum being perforated we can't fly them. We have been desperately looking for ground transport and are beginning to think we should dress them like two little dogs cos we're convinced that if we were looking for transport for two abused senior dogs they'd have been with you yesterday! I may have to drive them but right now we are exhausted saving young vibrant kittens from euthanasia. Everyday it seems there are more and more calls and fewer people looking to adopt. We appreciate more than you know the opportunity for Chloe and Pokey to become SAINTS residents and want u to know they are coming!! Also can you tell didn't happen to take two senior cockers this week from our way did you?

Bunny Horne

Just an FYI to readers of the blog, my website for rug hooking is nearly complete - proceeds from my projects go to Saints Rescue. Please take a look and let your family and friends know. Because of my website we got 2 new 1000Saints this week.


Bunny Horne

Helga, we will see you about 8:15 tomorrow morning to drop off items for your garage sale.