Rescue Journal

another day, another dollar...too bad it is not that even.... more dollars go out than come in around here.

Carol  ·  Jul. 22, 2012

molly is pretty damn cute. i can see why everyone who meets her, falls in love. she is handling the whole suddenly being abandoned and homeless in a communal shelter, while recovering from a major surgery, well.

i wish i could handle such traumatic upheavals as good. my life fell apart for a week cuz my finger got bit.

theorectically...pepper and britney should do better over in the new frail room but i am not moving them because both seem to find a bit of cheer when in their wanderings, they accidently run into me.

oh there you are...finding you makes me happy!

they would be ok in the computer room except pepper especially with his blind wandering...really bugs buddy. buddy doesn't do anything except to warn them off but he is forever having to get up and move out of their way and that pisses him off. and i don't think it is fair that they have to be nervous of where buddy the grump is when they are blindly wandring around. i need a little blind dog room here in the house.

damn you odie for taking over the kitchen! can pop charm up into the laundry area today...molly is now on the couch and pepper and brit were fussing to get out this morning after i put them in there for bed last is free today so stick charm up in the laundry room when you get here.

maybe tonight i will move buddy over to the dog rooms...he might like it over there, sleeping closer to me.

geez, trying to juggle the individual needs of a bunch of special needs animals is sometimes mind boggling...but when you get it for all becomes easier.
esther has been up and out already for a pee...she looks a tiny bit steadier on her feet this morning...or maybe i am just wishful thinking.

i guess i better get dressed..i still have to do the diabetics, clean up and feed the mp and shop crews...that is a fair amount of stuff to do each morning before i leave for work.

i would so rather just sit here and ponder today.



Hi Sheila,
I must have just missed you. I think I got there about 11:20 ish.


Hi Debra

I didn't get your envelope Debra. I was left before
11:30 this morning. There were a bunch of envelopes that said dodger which I didn't take.

I am coming back next Saturday.


I left an envelope for Sheila in the office (where Ed is) today. Cheque for sponsorship for the gala .

Ashley, also left an envelope for you towards Dodgers vet bills


Oh, Molly is such a doll - You don't even notice that she is a tripod the way she moves and jumps and runs! Everything about her is lovely.
Lynne, your money is in an envelope in the office for the Gala
Sheila, your money is in an envelope in the office as well, for sponsorships for the Gala


Leila and always try to put people at the same table as the people they know. one criteria is the volunteers (unless they have purchased a table with their own friends) sit together. There will be more than one table of volunteers - that is a given so at this point don't try to sit 9 or 10 people at a table of 8. The logistics are always worked out at the end.

Bunny I did get your donations - thanks


sorry i did not read your email we have 9 people for the table. is that doable sheila i will go to another table with my daughter but then that leaves us 1 short. ankyone want to take that spot. and i will bow out.


thanks alison now i just have to hear from penny. that would be 9 at the table. unless someone wants to sit at your table alison. . we will see what happens. i really cant remember or find it on the blog what penny said. oh by the way carol the air conditioner from jamie has to have a hose hooked up to it and a bucket for the water to go into. erin very nicely pointed that out.


Hi there. I have paid for two tickets for the gala. If there is room at the second volunteer table, can my hubby and I sit at it? If not, no worries!


Re: the water tanks. Carol - the 1st tank is almost empty, and as I didn't believe the plumbers version of having to have the 2nd tank empty to fix (cause in my brain that means opening the valve and emptying the tank on the ground), I glued the PVC piece with the drain back onto the valve. I opened the valve and it held, so I am 99% sure the second tank is good to go.


I'm flexable re the volunteer table. If there is enough for a second table fine...if not we can figure it all out.

Bunny Horne

Hi, Sheila, I left some items in the MP room for the gala silent auction, a dog bag, camera, artworks, Costco memberships and two envelopes for Brent's and mine animal sponsorships. I hope you got them. I completely forgot to leave the cheque from Hoi Ling Wong for Tiny Tim's sponsorship. I will mail it to you. Sorry about that.

Carol, your yard sale money is with Maggie.


Hey Lynne, I was in for chipping in for sponsoring a table with volunteers but not sitting at the table, I have almost a whole table full already :)


alison how is it going for the cat. i need to send you my money if you are still going ahead with it. need your address. email if you want at thanks.


Carol. I left Charm's papers in the laundry area underneath the kuranda bed on the counter.


okay so i think i made an error. got the volunteer table filled, but think i filled it with too many. i have brenda, dionne and carol ann, tammy, ko me and my daughter , maggie. was there also alison and penny. i can bow out and sit at another table as i do not want to cause problems. please either blog or email me at k9lady at we could also start up another table if anyone is interested. also dionne, carol ann and brenda have given me money. well brendas is in the office with my name on it so sheila if you want you can pick that up. i imagine the rest are just going to send in the money or leave it in the office for sheila i am going to send my money in the mail as i will not be up there today. sorry for the mixup..