Rescue Journal

monday morning...

Carol  ·  Jul. 23, 2012

charm is ok...he is pretty quiet and flat so he is playing it safe.

molly pulled another oops yesterday..this time she climbed thru the cat hole in the computer room door to end up in the kitchen with odie. this is the problem with abandoned dogs..their anxiety at not being with you, causes them to sometimes lose their minds....oh well, she was lucky again...this time.

great job by all of the weekend warriors...everything looked great and everyone (except molly) was settled when i got home. a few quick clean ups and settling to bed with michelle and christine's help and it was a very quiet night.

vet stuff this week is britney into the clinic tomorrow and the farm vets coming out to check flicka and hopefuly do doc's neuter.

i am wondering since this year we are apparently living in a rain forest...maybe we won't run out of water this summer. that will be a much welcomed first! we have never gone so far into the summer still on the well...yay. i am ok wih the rain....saves us $300 a week (that we don't have!)


Wendy Scott

Hi Sheila,

I am putting my cheque in the mail tomorrow for my 4 that I have sponsored. What is your mailing address?


Tracey has some canned food to donate to Saints. She is in Maple Ridge. Is there a volunteer in Maple Ridge that can pick it up and bring it out?
PM me for details at


Just curious about your water situation. I take it you only have a surface well and not an artesian. I wonder what the cost would be to have one drilled.


Carol, I had Peluchie, Hilda and Ewok booked today for the groomers but Terry is sick so cancelled...we re booked for next Monday the 30th