Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 24, 2012

are you kidding? freaking available good nights freaking day off and i am sick???? i have been up half the night with a messed up gut and it ain't much better this morning.

i am never eating fish stix again...and i was so proud of myself for actually toaster oven-ing them. i so wish i had not eaten last night, a mitt full of cookies would have been better.

i have a bunch of runnng around again today...and that pretty much sucks...i could just cheerfully shoot myself.

honestly some days it utterly sucks in my life.



don't worry jenn... i am remembering him..just waiting til i can get 10 feet way from the bathroom. i'll stop by when i go to the co-op for the feed run...that should be sometime around noon.


Don't forget about Mr. Bru? I made a little lunch for you in the fridge - if your tummy is felling better. Feel free to take a nap or have a bath at my house.