Rescue Journal

i am good again tonight.

Carol  ·  Jul. 24, 2012

dodger, the little homeless broken pelvis cat was euthanized yesterday. it was discovered that he was unable to empty his bladder and thus a poor recovery candidate for the surgery. the money that has been donated will partially be used to cover the costs incurred to date, the rest will be returned to the very kind donors who stepped up to the plate to help this poor unfortunate yet very sweet cat.

rest in peace dodger, ashley said she would bring a wind chime for him here.

just a heads up to everyone regarding britney...she had her vet visit today and she was shaved down to the skin. you can now see her eyes and they are still a bit of a mess. i have been treating them since she came in last week, the vet said to continue as we have been doing. but it may be upsetting to some to see her in her current state. if anyone asks, esp on tours, just reassure them that we are working on her eyes but it will take some time to get her to where her eyes can eventually be. she was also tested for cushings and thyroid disease today..those results should be back by tomorrow and we will go forward with any additional needed treatment from there.

that one vet clinic account all on its creeping up to almost $9000...maybe i am not so good tonight, i think maybe i am feeling sick again.



Carol I hurt my neck last night, Is it possible to get my shift covered today? Please call me and let me know. If not I'll see you at 9.

Ann C

Sorry Shelagh I took your receipts yesterday, Carol call me if you need the amount!

shelagh f

I almost hate to say I am coming out tomorrow with
the tinned food etc. You can post date the cheque
if you want, if that helps. The receipts are on the
desk in ed's room, or what was Ed's room, in case its
not now.

Kate Dumaresq

Hi Carol,
I left another air conditioner outside the garage this afternoon. It was kindly donated by Phil and his little dog Gypsy, from Anmore.
Thank you Phil and Gypsy!


Carol sent you an e-mail. MP room volunteer Jenn, thanks for the great donation, I'll leave the receipt beside my in basket.


So sorry to hear about Dodger.
When I saw his picture, he reminded me of Marvin.
I wish he had the chance to know a good life.