Please don't forget about the cats.... W4W animal sponsorship

Sheila  ·  Jul. 24, 2012

Bea -sponsored
Bonnie - sponsored
Cocoa - sponsored
Ebony - sponsored
Gary - sponsored
Marg - sponsored
Rocky -sponsored
Rummy - sponsored
Sage- sponsored

I know the animals don't have any kind of understanding of who is sponsored and who is left out... but I tend to humanize this in my head. The dogs and the larger farm animals always go so quickly that I always feel that the other animals are the kids who don’t get picked during a PE baseball game. I was one of the kids that was always picked last… so I relate. Cathie K was kind enough to sponsor all the remaining bunnies and the two sheep and Leila and I have taken the chickens and now we are looking for 9 sponsorship for the above cats. I have been doing some background research work for the bcspca around cats and what is coming to the forefront is that we human species prefer our dogs to our cats. I don't think this comes a surprise to many of us but did you know that most responsible dog guardians will have got their dogs from a shelter, or a breeder and then next the newspaper...and the cat that lives in their home will most likely have been found as a stray... I think this statement can be interpreted many different ways... But I am hoping that it might make us think a bit about cats and how they fit into our lives.



Cathie K - just to let you know I received your check for the rabbits/sheep sponsorship. Thank You!!
Also I received your check for $200 too.


what about the animals out in foster care. carol still has to fund them


Oh so sorry Suzanne. I had forgotten about you pledging that extra money. I have been thinking about Molly 4 and Brittany, and Charm that have come in since we started the sponsorship. Barbara Demott also gave me an extra $25 for whoever needing sponsoring.


Sheila please don't forget that I sent enough for an extra sponsorship. Now that all the cats are sponsored you can use it for a new baby who may come between now and then or perhaps in memory of Pops... I leave the choice up to you and Carol.


Sheila, I will sponsor the rest of the cats. I was ALWAYS the last one picked for dodgeball, so this is perfect for me. Could you write back and let me know how to send along the $? Many thanks.


So true Shelia - cats get way less than dogs in our world and bunnies get even less than cats.....people are guilty of speciesism (sp?)
You will see it everywhere.....dogs will have $2K spent on them in a shelter (eg the GS that was just found in a dumpster) but shelters have no budget for $19 eye drops for a bun and I am sure the line is drwan alot quicker for the cats as well.
I'd love to hear what you learn from your studies.


Just my two bits, Poor Ebony who makes the most out of being on peoples laps.


Its unbelievable how many stray cats there are. Of my current crew only Squid just showed up on the doorstep but over the years there were Punkin, MauMau, Visitor, The White Guy, Quigley, Mooch the First, Mugsy and Hardcase. And no amount of flyers posted all over town and calls to the Humane Society, the SPCA and every vet in town brought one answer. The above are just the ones I kept. There were more that the Humane Society had room for at the time. Some of these cat were very well socialized and loving so someone had them from kittens.

Doreen from Maple Ridge

I will sponsor Rocky the cat. Sheila, can you strike that one off your list. thanks! i will pop the moola in the mail....

I hope you feel better Carol.....


No problem, Sheila - didn't want anyone to think I didn't care about the bunnies!!!!!


Sorry Penny - I added "remaining" I know you, your friend and daughter sponsored 4 of the bunnies. I was just assuming everyone new there were 8 bunnies left and that what I was referring to.


Hey Carol - just for the record, I sponsored two of the bunnies (Princess Leia & Tu), my daughter is sponsoring Bob, and a friend of mine has sponsored Daniel. I think Cathie sponsored the remaining ones, which was very generous of her.


carol do you still want us to come up tonight if you are feeling better