Rescue Journal

hah...bonnie is bitchy too...please use caution around her so no one else gets hurt.

Carol  ·  Jul. 25, 2012

Hi Carol

I guess I should have mentioned this sooner. Anyway, I was brushing Bonnie on Sunday & she turned around and put a good bite in my hand (so I recommend people don't brush her) I went straight to the hospital and got a Tetanus shot & a prescription for antibiotics. Everything seems to be healing well now

Just thought you should know



She also has turned on me a few times. Not serious just swatting at me when I was patting her. No warning, she was purring then she turned. My daughter gives her lots of love and she is fine so I thought perhaps she simply doesn't like me :-( I agree with Tammy, she is a gorgeous cat and a drama queen!! I will make sure I let Rachel know about her when she takes over the shy guy area for me.


i haven't seen the bitchy side since she first came in and was stuck in the cage wih her very sore eyes and i pet her almost every evening when she pops down to say hello...but....apparently i haven't pissed her off since her eyes got better either.

folks do need to let me know tho if an animal is is not like i am going to nuke them over it..but at least i can figure out what triggers them to bite and we can be careful not to pull those triggers....i have never actually brushed bonnie before so i had no idea it stimulated a serious bite response.


Bonnie has always been a little drama queen. Always caution new people around her, sweet one minute, bitchy the next. Regular visitors should have seen this before.
However she is still a very nice girl with beautiful blue eyes.