Rescue Journal

comfort food and happy thoughts.

Carol  ·  Jul. 26, 2012

esther looks like she is dying. i come home and she is awkwardly spread over 2 karunda beds, unable to get up. i help her to her feet and help her down off the beds. she toddles out to have a pee, comes back and has a drink and then lays down on the double pillow bed....exhausted from her activity.

i make my dinner..buitoni spinach and goat cheese pizza (the absolute BEST frozen pizza in the whole entire world!) charm can smell it cooking and he very clearly says he wants some. so when it was done and cooled a bit..i gave him a piece up in the laundry room. i bring the rest to the computer desk and sit down, prepare to fend off the greedy beasts and share as little as i possibly can.

and shit...who gets up all by herself, walks over as steady and determined as can be and stands there rock solid and intently staring at me??? anyway... esther ate quite a lot and when she was done and toddled away, she suddenly remembered how weak she was and slid back down to the floor.

quite amazing the temporary medicinal qualities of pizza.
don't worry esther..i have another one stashed in the freezer for tomorrow...charm will be happy about that too.

britney's bloodwork is back...we are adding a bile test to further check her liver function. molly's tumor pathology is also back... a mild to moderately aggressive malignant carcinoma. it looks like they got good margins, but the vet said it still may come back, they quite often do. janice is taking her home tomorrow on a trial. i think she will be a good companion for chilko, janice's other saints foster dog who really needs a good friend.


a very kind and very generous person has donated the full $4000 for us to build and fully finish off the mini pigs new family home!!!!! i called mike and john right away and told them to start building..those babies are coming and want a safe and comfortable and appropriate home!
this totally made my day!!!!

thank you so much to this very kind have provided a great quality of life for a very sweet family of pot belly pigs.... (AND.... you have greatly reduced my stress!).....bless you.


janet nicholson

There really are angels out there, aren't there. Wonderful news for your stress level, Carol and the piggy family!


wooohoooooooooo that is AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for caring about the pigs kind and generous persons!!!!!!!!!!

Come on Esther, we are rooting for you!!


Hope Esther continues to toddle along for a bit longer. She is a great, great, great dog.


WOW! That`s so amazing! You never know when it will start raining for days on end, so it`ll be nice to have that project done. One of my old dogs used to come back to life for chicken McNuggets! Good girl Esther!

Bunny Horne

Congratulations Carol and wee pigs and thanks to your very generous kind donors. What great news.


i did not realize that molly was going home with janice. did i miss something on the blog


Wow Carol, that's wonderful about the donation for the mini pig home, and that Molly is going home with Janice on trial. 2 really good things to hear!
I'm very sad re Esther, especially since I won't be back in for awhile. She looked so frail on Sunday- thank goodness for pizza! She really is a great dog, and I miss her barking constantly for cookies, even tho it used to drive me crazy at times. (Yes, Lynne, I do miss it now.)


wow how totally awesome for the pigs and yes thank you sooooo much to the person donating. you are very kind the pigs say thankyou . and yes carol that pizza is awesome i had it and it is gooood.i will pick some up for you when i have the chance. and sweet esther we all love you have more pizza lol. she still has a little bit of her old self in her. she always was glutennous, is that spelled right.