Rescue Journal

the place looked great today..thx everyone!!!

Carol  ·  Jul. 28, 2012

only one gate not properly latched and it was open with an animal in the wrong place, and i am not telling you which one so everyone here can be worried.
maggie knows cuz she was with me... but don't ask her cuz i know she will not say....i want to instill a total and universal gate/door obsession/paranoia when i am not is the ONLY way to keep everyone safe.

i noticed today that when folks wanted to talk to me they stayed about 10 feet away and looked at me closely and first asked if i was ok.
you are all afraid of me now aren't you?
too funny..i am not going to bite you, i just might take a quick swat.

charottes abcess burst cleaned it up but she said it was so gross, she gagged thru the cleaning. i cleaned it again tonight and gently expressed out quite a bit more. i left a clean rag and bucket by the gate cuz it will need to be cleaned again tomorrow. if the barn folks are really super nice to me..maybe i will do it before i leave for work!
i was kind of hoping to sleep in a bit tomorrow cuz i am switching to afternoons but sadly i am going to have to hit the building store by 8 am so i can have the materials here for trent to erect a birth barrier between teddy and grace. her milk has come in so i think the birth will be any day now...i hope instinct will guide her cuz i haven't any experience with the birth process of pigs. if it is the same as cats dogs and people, we might be ok.

ok...just so folks are not shaking in their boots if they have to talk to me tomorrow..i am actually in a pretty good mood right long as no one yanks on my chain.



Carol I have 17 cases of Cesar Buffet donated dog food to drop off at Saints. Is it possible that I can bring it up on Monday around noon? If yes, do you want it in the shop?


wrong gate was a different gate in a different area that was open and an animal had gotten into the wrong area. sam and leah were fine.


well lynne we both fucked up, i forgot to put sam n leahs gate back behind the washer, had it tucked into the staff table instead. dont forget ladies (lynne penny shawn) bedtime tonite


no it was the one between the big dog room and your room. i asked laura to fix it as it was coming loose from the wall. she usually screws it back in somehow so it locks but yesterday it was too loose.


Thanks Erin, sorry for distracting you, I know you were filling in every where today. I will keep an eye on you next week LOL


fuck! yes jamie i did recheck your gates, and forgot one of my own. it was closed but not properly. shit bad erin bad! sorry carol, that was me.


the problem is the latches get loose cuz people forever slam them shut behind them. all you have to do is gently pull the gate or door closed behind you and listen for the click that the latch actually caught and closed..then they can't push it open. but if it is slammed and bounces back, it doesn't latch and they will get out where they are not supposed to be.also the latches wouldn't break off completely so often if they were not slammed as much, they cn only take so much slamming force before they break into pieces.


i noticed that the gate between your bedroom and big dogroom would not latch properly. it was too loose,the animals pushed it open on their own.

Deb Lloyd

I just noticed on our credit union's website that we can sign up for the "ChangeIt" program--all our debit purchases would be rounded up with the change donated to the charities of our choice. Has SAINTS ever looked into this? There is a 6.39% (I think) administrative fee monthly but no sign up fees. If you are interested, their website is:

Deb Lloyd,
Trail, BC


Could be tonight for little Gracie- out to feed so will be back in about two hours from now, call me then if you need help. Or leave me a message to get over there.