Rescue Journal

the naming game

Carol  ·  Jul. 31, 2012

one thing i really look forward to in not finding my bed sheets on one of the dogs beds or on the floor as a pee pad. it will be nice to know that my sheets are forever pristine and only ever used by me for sleeping..tonight manny has the pleasure of my bedding and i pulled two of my other sheets off of the shelf before they get used.

heads up to everyone..for the next bit i am listing any gates or doors i find open on my bedtime safety check rounds, i will continue to do this until i can finally relax because everyone is dedicated and totally on board to making sure everything is safely and properly closed.
tonight was a good check...nothing was left open but last night the mp communal cat pen door was not only unlocked but it was partially open. if any of the cats had gotten in with puff or ed......
use your imagination and i will leave it at that.

i was pretty cheerful this morning when i got into work...i love wednesdays cuz it is downhill til the end of the week. of course i did eventually get corrected, today was actually tuesday..that so totally sucked and ruined my day.

laura and terry did a fantastic job on getting hilda, peluchi and ewok groomed this week...thx so much you guys, they all look great!

i won`t be changing threesey`s name...i bonded and loved her as threesey, so threesey she stays.

i will however open up the naming game to everyone for onesey and twosey..onesey is the bigger of the two and twosey is a little bit tiny...both are solid black.
i do not know if they are male or female yet cuz we are not bugging them or stressing gracie to check so i suggest we pick two male and two female names and then decide once we know their genders.

so go ahead...fill yer boots..the rules are simple and are as follows:
1. no picking food item names..names like bacon or porkchop are disrespectful.
2.pick names that not only can i spell but i also can easily pronounce..there are alot of animals here and i don`t need to be stumbling and stuttering over some huge incomprehensible mouthful.


cathie k

Carol... "Rosebud"..Zorro..Gilligan,Maryann,Mrs Howell Ginger..The Professor,Archie,Veroinca,Betty,Fabio,Pablo,Rubin,Suki,...Heathcliff,Tupper,Elliot,Ulysses,Babette(Babs,Barbie)Gabriel(Gaby)Piper,Evita,Orlando Bloom Angelina Jolie Clinton,Hilary ,Mulberry,Sage,Rosemary,Thyme,Bijou,Thelma/Louise..Isis,Juno,Jupitar,Lotus Earl,Ella,Eartha Kitt,Delilah,Jules,Fern,Flora,Merryweather,Selma,Nora,..............Cathie k


How about candy names? They aren't bad like porkchop and there are lots of options.

Twizzler, Tootsie, Taffy, Twix or Tobblerone.

Krackel and KitKat

Pixie and Pez ( this on is my fav )

Reese and Rolo

Hershey and Nestle

another Doreen

How about Tweeny or Tweensy for the one born between the others (AKA Twosey)?


I also still like onesey & Twosey :)

Samson & Delilah ( I will be singing someday we'll know 24/7 if this is chosen)

Hall & Oates
Yoko & John
Ozzie & Harriet
Ricky & Lucy


If one of the babes is a boy, I would suggest Teddy Jr. after his proud papa, then Grayson for a girl.

Luke and Lily

Elton and Emma

Kate Dumaresq

I vote for Onesey and Twosey, cute and simple.
And I also vote for the unvarnished truth. Sometimes the truth is ugly, but it is still the truth.


Buddy (Holly) and Peggy (Sue). Can you tell I've been to the Buddy Holly play recently? LOL


Since the wee ones are so special, how about royal Victoria and Albert, Charles and Camilla, William and Harry, Eugenie and Beatrice...and they could keep their original names as second names, just like the Royals....Elizabeth the Onesie and Elizabeth the Twosie :)

Or since their mama is Princess Grace they could be Caroline and Albert.


I like the real and original version of how the birth took place.


Black and or Jack for boys

Leroy and Lulu for one of each

Rosie & Suzie for girls

cathie k

Carol..Names;Lewis&Clark,as the piggies have done their travling...Or Clark Kent and Lois lane...As for your cleaned up version NO lesve as is..remember..years ago,A couple came to Katies Place the cat wouldn't come out of the closet and they wanted to be rid of and get a "nice" cat.. and your answer was,What if your 18mth son was said to have authism (sp?) would you get rid of him...When they left you asked me if you'd been to harsh with them.No was my answer then and now..So leave the story as is...Truth is like cream it always rises to the top..Cathie k


Clooney and/or Phineas for boy pigs, Rosemary and/or Fig for girl pigs.


"Lil' Bit" for the smaller piglet. Was my smallest twins nickname for years :)


I like Leroy and LuLu but I also have to throw Grover and Gertie out there.. Grover for sure (:

Deb Lloyd

I will always think of them as onesy and twosy (but I also like Miley and Cyrus..)

Barb H

I vote for onesy and twosy. And also the unsanitized version of life at Saints.


ysh i like onesy and twosey too. that is how i will remember them. and it goes with threesey, the little one that did not make it.


Call me simple but I like onesy and twosey...

But don't ask me, my cat's name is Bad Boy so what do I know.

Bunny Horne

I like Black and Jack. Firstly the babes and their mom and dad are LUCKY to have found their way to Saints Rescue. Get it lucky - BLACK JACK. Blackie is too cute of a name and Jack or Jackie or works for either gender.

Mo - Brent and I are out this Sunday and holiday Monday. We will bring fruits for barn yard breakfast. We will camp out off site until 9 am.


I like the name Lee. It is short and can be a boys name or a girls name and I don't think you have had a Lee. Will post another name if I think of one.