Rescue Journal

i think the biggest responsibility i have in rescue is...

Carol  ·  Jul. 31, 2012

to learn. it is easier and less painful to refuse to see our portion of responsibility for the things that happen.

with angel and murphy..given our communal lifestyle...i should never have taken in a dog that i thought had the possiblity to kill another creature. and i should never have walked out that bedroom door without closing it behind me. i could have pretended that she had a bullet in her head because some mean and sadistic person shot an innocent and helpless dog for no reason. i could have convinced myself that angel was the one who killed murphy because of her (unknown and unproven to me) high prey drive and it was not my fault.

i LOOK for my mistakes and errors in actions, inactions, judgements or decisions whenever anything around here goes wrong and i try to learn from them so i don't do it again.

if grace was left alone, she may have given birth to her last babe faster or she may have still rejected threesey....i don't know cuz it didn't happen that way. when i look at the actual circumstances surrounding threesey's birth..i know we could have done it better.

hind sight is far better than no least i can learn from my mistakes if i look at what part i played in the outcome.

altho i do admit....i wish i had more foresight, that would be even better.



Looking for mistakes is a selfless, courageous act because along with it always come guilt, regret and shame.

But, hopefully, it also comes with change for the better for the animals.

Growth out of guilt, shame and regret is still growth. And infinitely better than remaining stagnant and in denial.

Kate Dumaresq

Do we still need any air conditioners?
I have an offer of a portable a/c unit, but not sure what our count is so far. Thanks

francesca Wilson

Dear Carol, Marie and I are back in Vancouver and would like to come to SAINTS tomorrow to help out.
Thank you, francesca