Rescue Journal

new incoming

Carol  ·  Aug. 1, 2012

since molly4 is doing well with janice and unlikely to return...., i think we can squeeze this next one in. she is a cruelty seizure, i assume for medical neglect since they had to spend something like $1600 to have her disgustingly rotten teeth removed. but sadly there are other ongoing health issues and she is not really she can come here since we have a spot for her. i don't know her name, i forgot to ask, she is apparently a sweet and very loving little hairy dog who has been hanging out in the manager's office durng the day. i will pick her up on saturday.

wednesday today does not feel as great as yesterday...things are never as good the second time around. but three more shoifts and then i get 2 full days off...looks like i will make it without a total mental meltdown. i was in bed and asleep by 9 pm last night..just got up a couple of times to get esther up for a bit of a toddle about. we have pulled her right off of her cushings meds this week, in case her progressive weakness has anything to do with developing addisons disease. i have a possible euth. appointment for her on saturday, hopefully, with the meds out of her system, she is stronger by then and won't need the appointment.

we are trialling pokey pete on pain injections to see if we can bump him up a bit. we just finished 5 days of vitamin injections but did not see much improvement for him. his downward slide may just be his age but i want to cover all bases and make sure we haven't missed anything simple, like pain.

i think that is most of the recent updates.



Janice..If you bring it up to date, I will bring it home this week-end & do up sheets . When things change you can E-mail me the changes & I will adjust the sheets & bring them out on the week-ends.


The feed book is at the feed shed but with all the changes lately i doubt it is up to date - will take a look to make it right.

Would be awesome if someone could take it home and put each page to Word so we can update quick and without worry of someone not being able to read my writing lol.

I am not a fast nor accurate typest and just can't get to it once i am home with my herd.


oh come on esther,hang in there sweet girl. or if its your time you were well loved and go in peace.


Just putting this out there.. I will be coming in late this saturday , KO & Ali have offered to do feeding and turnout. Janice can you check if the feed book is back in the feed room & up to date ? Thx alot. I told Ali yesterday that Carol is around in the AM & if anyone needs Meds and/or needles that she would do them.

Carol I will remind you again Friday night :-)