Rescue Journal

wow..i feel hung over...

Carol  ·  Aug. 4, 2012

i am not much of a drinker so it must be from too much working....and this morning i am paying for it. ugh..i need a big zap of something to recharge my battery....maybe i will stick my finger in an electrical outlet.

today i have absolutely got to get the saints shopping done cuz i am working all of next week. the barn guys got ripped off of their apples at bedtime last night and i feel badly for that. and i have to get out to chilliwack to pick up the new old wrecked fuzzy dog. and since dixie is not home yet..i better go see dixie. oh and i better make sure i bath manny, riley, wilma and chance cuz they haven't been done in a couple of days...shit..i REALLY need to transfer the birds into their new cage..i have been putting that off for a couple of weeks now. there! that is the extra crap for me to get to..then it is just feeding, meds and bedtime routine.

i sadly did not get all of the laundry done, there is still one basket left. i had to stop doing the saints stuff at midnight and put my own overflowing basket thru cuz i haven't done personal stuff for almost two weeks. it wasn't going to last another week more so i jammed out on saints and took care of my personal stuff to get me thru next week. sorry about that but i decided to semi-suck with clean clothes.

my advice today is....never go into does not matter what goes on around you..or how many people surround the end of the day, you are on your own. shit happens in everyones life but you don't ever let shit happen and take over your own. shit may show up here once in awhile but it can't ever get the upper hand...bend, twist, stand on your head...whatever it it and suck up the hangover effect. that is what you sign on for in rescue.



Gideon likes pears apples bannanas Carl likes carrots the pigs enjoy almost anything fruit or berries..everyone likes apples.the chickens and ducks turkey like peas corn lettuce..nobody appears to like peppers...hmmm


Sierra, who had a great time distracting teddy while I cleaned his families pen wants to contribute 3 girls names to the tiny babes:


Carol and Mo we are bringing breakfast yummiest for the barn guys. Got you some peanut butter and Choc bits ice cream and some pizzas Carol.
Maggie - I've got $$$$$$ for 1000 Saints.


in the shop please jamie. if i am not here just stick it out of the way where ever and i will shift it around when i get home. thx.


Carol I will be dropping off the 17 cases of donated food when I come up today. Where would you like it to be put?