Rescue Journal

argh...wide awake. crapola.

Carol  ·  Aug. 6, 2012

smokey was seizuring..he is finished and ok.

but now i am freaking out and can't sleep.

i am not freaking out over smokey, cuz he is fine..i am freaking out over my personal food/dish cupboard. after smoke was settled, i went to grab a zantac cuz my stomach is hurting and there are those freaking dog cookie bugs in my cupboard. gross.

until i empty that cupboard out, toss away all of the food, find the original and any secondary sources of those bugs and clean that all out too...i will continue to freak out. and i ain't going to start all of that at 3:30 am on a work is too big of a job. it will have to wait til i get home from work tomorrow.

god i hate having to take in donated dog food.i wish we had all of the money in the world so i could just go and buy fresh, sealed and undamaged bags, like normal people get to.

some days (and nights...) i fucking hate rescue.



they are both doing well and he seems to be seizuring every couple of months or so and recovers well so that is not too bad.

he is doing far better than i expected after his splenic tumor was discvered...i never thought he would make it this far so i am happy he is doing ok and has not had any more bleeds.


Try Acana they say they are into supporting rescues with their food. I think they are in Rochester Alberta

Wendy Scott

Hi Carol,
How is Smokey? He seems to be having more episodes. I hope he is okay. How is Ewok doing? I miss them both . They are such kind loving dogs. Love you Smokey and Ewok.


Thanks for the post Bunny and your fantastic help getting out the word.
Because my back is once again kicking up big time, which means I can't do a weekend shift at Saints, I have decided to work on getting my back fully better and just concentrate on getting to that magic 600 number on
I have a few ideas I can use to push the number up but it takes time, which I now have after cutting my writing commitment to Black Press in half.
I also have time to write grant applications and investigate the possibility of getting a really good food sponsor.


Many large pet food companies routinely donate food to humane societies, vets, etc. (The HS in my province has all of its food donated). I know that SAINTS probably has all kinds of speciality foods requirements (special diets etc for various medical issues), but is there any chance of getting some of the food donated by one of the big producers?


Carol if you let me know which cupboard it is I can try to get it cleaned put for you when I'm in the house today. But you're probably already at work :( so you won't see this post


So sorry, Carol. Frequently people want to give me opened food/treats thinking they are doing Saints a favor. It's food their dog/cat didn't/wouldn't touch and has been sitting opened in their gargage for "how long?" I graciously decline and say our animals require special foods since they are special needs and elderly. Or if it's decent but been opened I redonate it to a lady in Vancouver who is in alot of financial distress and can't afford a decent food for her beloved pets.
Hopefully someday and SOON you will have the funds to meet your goals and needs.
Did anyone notice that Maggie's counter for 1000 Saints is now at 92. Way to go Maggie. Way to Go 1000 Saints. If everyone that gave a hoot could donate $25 a month how much easier life at Saints could be. I've done the math and $25 a month is less than the cost of a small coffee every day. Recently Maggie posted on facebook that if you can't afford $25 a month then to team up with others ($5 each etc). A coworker could only afford $10 a month commitment so I partnered donating a portion of any rug hooking $$$ earned so we could meet the $25/month requirement.
My New Years goal was to find $$$ for Saints Rescue and it's something I constantly think about and work towards.
We need 600 Saints to comfortably meet the monthly requirements. Congratulations Maggie on reaching 92 members.