Rescue Journal

i am going to tell you a story about a cat....

Carol  ·  Aug. 9, 2012

once upon a time, many years ago.... a little black kitten was born and for a while, he had a home. one day however, his home disappeared and his home became the street. i don't know how long he was homeless but luckily someone took him in again. she got him neutered and fed him and was kind to him but he continued to spray everywhere. he was allowed into the house at night but because of his chronic spraying, only as far as the laundry room. and when his new family was moving into a new rental, it was decided because of his spraying, that he could not move with her.

so conan the barbarian cat came to saints where he continued to spray...and he did some other stuff, like ripping the shit out of dryer hoses, scratching the crap out of pictures on the walls and leather on computer chairs. he knocks stuff off of desks and counters on purpose, tips cups of tea onto keyboard pads, turns the dryer on and off, and sometimes he scratches and bites people, and other cats.... just because he can.

he has lived here for a few years now but i adopted the little black beast about a year ago. his black shiny coat is starting to get speckled with grey and when the mood strikes, he is still a rather big and uncivilized handful.
my favorite thing to do with conan is lay on the red leather couch with him in the evenings for about an hour. as soon as i lay down, he suddenly appears from nowhere and he cuddles into my side and purrs for a bit.

eventually his feet get itchy and he has to go off to cause some trouble somewhere. but for those brief moments when he stays put and purrs so nice and i can pet him safely..i tell him i love him and he is a good cat and i am blessed that the little barbaric bastard belongs forever only to me.

love you beastie.