Rescue Journal

just 2 more days...

Carol  ·  Aug. 9, 2012

then 5 days off and i can catch up on some important stuff around here...yay!

we have to build one more shed cuz dixie is coming home again soon. i was going to build a new goat area and put dixie where pops used to live but i decided instead of disrupting the goats and carl.... to just build dix a little barn of her own.

do we have the money? sort of...umm not really. but sheila is making a deposit for the first money that has come in for the gala fundraiser (ticket sales, sponsorships etc...) so i am going to steal that to get it done. once she is home, i can quit feeling guilty about her and we can cut monthly expenses by not having to pay her board every month. having her home and in her little barn will pay for itself in less than a year.

we also have to fix the manure dumping is too short for the taller bins so we are going to raise the whole structure up. we need the bigger bins cuz we have gone shavings lie...we are going thru 8 units of shavings ($586.00) every month now.

i am just so very proud our farm animals homes are so clean...geezus freaking ouch. is either raise the structure up or go back to the shorter bins and have them hauled away every two weeks...that doubles the monthly cost of hauling away from $160 to $320..that would be a long term monthly ouch... better to just make the freaking bin bigger.

i tell you, this whole bright idea rescue thing is one complicated, money gobbling machine. next life you must remind me to do something different with my time and energy... like yearly vacations to hawaii and browsing the library for new and exciting cookie recipes.



awww helga what a great idea. esther would have looooved those cookies.


On the subject of cookie recipes, I picked up a book called 'Old-fashioned Bake Sale' at Janice's yard sale. Today I tried a recipe for Peanut Butter & Jam Cookies. Think I should put them out at Saturday's yard sale with a sign saying "Have a cookie in memory of Esther who crossed the rainbow bridge last weekend"?
I thought of Esther when I made those cookies.

Margie (Bodhi's mom)

You know, Carol, one thing I really admire about you and SAINTS is that even though there are these HUGE costs, you always choose to do the right thing. It would be so much easier to skimp out and not give the animals the things they need to be safe, dry, etc. But you always seem to find a way to make it happen and the animals never go without.

p.s. Bodhi (formerly Alf) says hi to all his former bed buddies! Okay, not really... he's sleeping right now.