Rescue Journal

i am not a happy camper

Carol  ·  Aug. 10, 2012

i can feel my frustration rising, the house, the mp building and the shop are all a total mess. all the hard work we did 8 weeks ago to get ready for the open house...the sorting, the organizing, the de-junking has all gone right back to shit.

we have laundry shelves yet the laundry is piled high on the couch..we have tidy
colorful boxes for towels, for sheets and for fleeces...yet they are all stuffed and jumbled together so you can never find what you want. we have shelves and cupboards in the buildings to store the extra canned food yet the cases are just tossed to be rifled thru on some surface in the near vicinity of the empty food shelves.

there are crates, donated air conditioners and broken microwaves sitting outside doors for weeks that get walked past 10 times a day...there are bags of recyling piled outside and inside the shop that just sit there getting higher each day.

it is like we are a bunch of brainless teenagers who can't figure out how to keep our rooms tidy and neat. and i am getting tired of MANY times every year of wasting time and time and time again to re-sort and re-organize and put things back where they belong. and then?.... a very few weeks later, having everything tossed everywhere it will possibly fit again cuz apparently that is good enough. is not good enough.

it is easier to clean here if the place isn't a freaking mess. it is nicer to work, to volunteer, to visit here if there is not shit piled all over the place. and for me and the is much nicer to live here if it is kept tidy and neat.

i don't have kids any more that i have to run behind and pick up after contantly day after day..i finished that journey a long time ago. now i am on a different journey of working 2 jobs, caring for a hundred animals which have their own challenges and messes for me to clean up.

i will re-sort and re-organize and re-tidy and put things back where they belong on these 5 days off but i am giving everyone fair is starting to really piss me off.

if i could do this all by myself, i would do it...but i can't work fulltime to pay the freaking high mortgage so these guys have a nice place to live and keep it clean and tidy all by myself too.

folks have to help me out here and a really good and easy start is putting things away where they actually do really belong.



DO NOT BLAME YOUit does not take long for no one to care and shove shit everywhere. i can help out this weekend too.


Carol I got my paws on brand new black industrial heavy gauge plastic today from the Olympic clear out folks. Then really wanted me to take it all. $10 if I would take it all. Will bring it out on Sunday - am thinking it might work to make mud ponds for Brad and Wills/Charlotte. Brent and I are on site this Sunday and next. You can discuss with Brent. If yes, we'll start working on it. If no, I store it for future use.


I will try and get most of the recycling sorted tomorrow & then Darrell can come take it to the recycle depot


Hi Carol I am coming up tomorrow to look for some paperwork for Sheila, if it works for you we can get the Vancouver Foundation & Pedigree done and then you can cross those off your list.


Hi Carol. I picked up the dog/ cat food from Bosleys. I will bring it tomorrow. I can tidy up the shop when I am done in the MP room tomorrow or where would you like me to tidy? I can take the broken microwaves with me and drop them off at the " electrical graveyard" on my way home . Just let me know where they are.


Hi Carol, I'm off at 5 on Saturday, so I can some help organize right after that. By then I can see what Sunday brings and maybe late afternoon help out too. Just point me in the right direction...