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my favorite photo in the july 2012 saints facebook photo album

Carol  ·  Aug. 11, 2012



like Laura's comment on the Saints video "he's old but not dead - got lots of good left in him" I like it when she says the last part.


Yes, I noticed a very well behaved Phebers too, Tammy. I am going to be using pictures from facebook for the animal cards that will be placed on the table centre pieces. If there are any pictures people have at home that they would like to email me of their favorite SAINTS for a card, please email me at However, please note that if the picture is not clear or doesn't look good when printed off, I have the first right of refusal not to use it cause I am doing the work.

Also, if anyone would like me to make up cards for SAINTS animals that have passed away, please email me those too. I would like to make up a center piece for the front table with pictures of SAINTS that have passed away (unless everyone thinks that is a bad idea). Also, can I get pictures of foster animals that have been sponsored for a card emailed to me too in case there are no pictures of the animals on facebook or the blog. Okay, that is it.


Great picture. Al is an amazing dog.
Also I noticed Phebes in the background behaving herself and minding her own business. So realy any picture with Phebes in it is a great picture.