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the killer...

Carol  ·  Aug. 11, 2012

headache...ouch. it is a bit better (but not gone yet...) after some advil, gravol and a quick nap.

lots going on today...BIG mess...BIG tour..BIG happenings..thank you everyone for such good jobs!!!!!

one dog out....mustang sally went home with chris and deb on a foster to adopt trial....lucky girl, they love their dogs very well.

one dog in..max is here.... the little parapalegic king charles spaniel whose family is moving to mexico for a year. sweet little dog..he shared the couch with me for my nap.
we moved some of the little ones around...amber and stevie went back into the little empty bunny pen...anthony hopkins and bun jovi came down out of their lofty cage and moved into amber and stevie's vacated pen...and all of this was done to get crippled little charley out of the mp room playpen...he moved into bun jovi and anthony's previous space.
he moved because it is up more, he can see better, it is easier to clean AND i want to put the new bird cage for the budgies where his no longer needed playpen is. i will move the budgies tomorrow.

the new baby pigs were named today by two very sweet twin girls. their daddy's name is ted, our baby pig twin girls dad's name is ted too (except we call him teddy) the babes are now carrying the nick names of these little girls....onsey is keekee and twosey is deedee.

i did quick tour thru's with 3 potential new staff and tony who had his tour yesterday and is starting his trial shifts on monday, brought his family thru today...his 17 yr old daughter put in her volunteer app...i think everyone thru today enjoyed the tour!
great of the touring folks brought a hefty cheque of over $6000 from telus employees (THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!)...that is getting divided three ways and going straight onto the outstanding vet bills on monday...yay!
new volunteers rick and his grandaughter pacie (sp?) started today...welcome to saints and thanks so much for all of your hard work today!
i got about a third of the shop tidied before i had to stop to deal with other things...hopefully i can finish it off tomorrow and start off the work week with it again being clean.

i gave brad a new pool today (and put water in all of the others)..he has already squished it but he sure looked happy to have it!

all in all it was a very good day...everywhere i look today, looks clean, tidy and despite my killer headache..that makes me feel great.



$6,000 donation, that is amazing, thanks Telus! I smiled when I read the piggy names. One of my twin daughters has a son named Kayden. His nickname is KeeKee :)


Carol means that the generous cheque that was received will go to pay down bills at 3 different vets saints currently owes money to for medical treatments and medications for the saints animals. Thank you Telus!

Cathy Thomas

I follow your blog posts regularly and I donate when I can. I just have one question with your Telus cheque (Telus is awesome) what do you mean it will be divided three ways?


What a generous and kind gift from the Telus employees ..Thank you so much. Great names for our babies too..!!


Hi there....yes I want to talk to you about Charm. I just hate bugging you when you are busy and being pulled a million different directions


sorry shawn..i forgot to talk to you about me to a wall next time you are here if you are still wanting to talk about him.


It was a busy but productive day today! That donation from Telus is amazing. I got goosebumps when you showed it to me. Hope your headache gets better and let me know if you need any more help with the organizing/ tidying and I can come up!