Rescue Journal

rescue isn't for weinies.

Carol  ·  Aug. 12, 2012

i so wanted to be like scarlett o'hara's mom, genteel, soft and kind.....but then she got typhoid and died so how much help was that when the going got tough?

i thought goodness and kindness and compassion were loftly and angelically pretty. little did i know that these things required tough practicality, basic common sense, and a core of plain unadulterated unbending cast iron determination.

that is why i laugh at the whole sainted carol thing..honestly.... i am so unsaintly.

maybe in a different world i could play around and dress up in flowing white robes, shimmery wings and halos but not if i was doing rescue. the robes would get soiled with paw prints, puked up hairballs and pee, the wings would get eaten by mystic or swallowed by pete.
halos are useless but advil is handy and the only white things i like around here are lot's of rolls of paper towels. perfume and flowery scents are a stupid waste of money....but ahhh, the smell of plain old fashioned bleach at less than 2 bucks a gallon is clean and refreshing.

i can trace every scar on me, back to an animal i loved. ask if i care if they bit or scratched me...we know that i don't.

living with animals means that i am willing to live with them..i don't need them to be polite, civilized and clean little people..altho..maybe that would be nice.

i may not be scarlett o'hara's mother but i sure as shit ain't a weinie either. i will find some way to make this place work....and without sacrificing odie.

pondering is done for the night.



Yes I totally agree that rescue is not for weenies. I myself would not have a clue( that does not mean I am OscarMeyer guaranteed it means I am learning from the best). So Carol ( put the wings and the halo into the closet) I think what you do, the memories of what has happened, and the ability to use your "crystal ball" to try to help, is amazing. That's just in my eyes....


i picked up the tables and signs from helgas and if no ones in a hurry for them to be returned, ill just keep em til saturday :)


Carol I forgot to mention to you that Percy seemed to be walking as though he is stiff and/or sore.. he was having fun with Joy again on Saturday so I hope he isn't on the verge of another big owie.

Barbara - I just saw your post this morning about calling you.. I left a message for you least I hope it was the right number .