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2 Senior GSD looking for a permanent foster/adopt home

 ·  Aug. 15, 2012

Hi everyone, these dogs are not for SAINTS to take in rather the rescue is looking for a home that will take the senior dogs in on a permanent basis. A regular blog reader is trying to help out with these dogs and I told her I would post to see if any SAINTS volunteers would be interested in taking these girls into their home. Please keep in mind, these girls are in a California shelter right now. They had a foster home but lost it. Here is the link to their pictures and some information on them:

Also, if anyone is looking to adopt a really nice senior dog, please consider Crash at the Surrey Animal Shelter. He has been there for over 2 months in very stressful conditions.

Also, there is Kaya a very sweet senior GSD girl. I think she may be close to my Patrick's age but is sure full of energy for an old girl:

I met both these seniors last Friday and liked them both. Sure would love to see them in some nice homes.


Bunny Horne

Carol, can you advise how Brad's new pool set up is working out. I need to know if we will be reinforcing it with fibreglass this weekend. And if so, I need to get the rest of the materials before Sunday. If it is working we can attempt the same set up for Wills and Charlotte - reinforcing their pool and recessing it slightly into their pen.


True. And Loic is really, really good with dogs - he knows not to pet Arthur or Toby at all (smart kid) and is really sweet with Tyler. And Maelle is still too little to bother anyone at this point but we will teach her not to pet the chihuahuas when the time comes, just like we taught Loic.


Mmm, not sure why Kaya can't go home with kids. I thought she was a very gentle girl. But I was only around her for a bit so certainly not enough time to figure her out. I sometimes think shelters think no old dog can go to a home with children because somehow it would be cruel to the dog or they are overly cautious because they are afraid of getting sued.


It is too bad that Kaya can't go to a home with kids - she had a BFF lab and our lab Tyler sure misses our old GSD Cody.
She is so lovely!