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so shit happens...

Carol  ·  Aug. 15, 2012

it totally sucks but it is the way life sometimes goes.

new dog in...her name is mya..she is a 10 1/2 yr old pitty cross. her owner said she was a lab cross, with maybe a trace of whippet but sorry, i think that was wishful thinking because of all of the stupid fears over pit bulls....what i see before me is 80% pitty which is totally fine with me.
i function under the premise that there are really only 3 breeds of dog...great dogs and good dogs and varying degrees of pain in the asses.

how did mya come to be here? it is a bit of a fluke but basically nicole's fault. she got the original email and if she had forwarded it correctly to me, i would have read it and said no. but instead of hitting forward, she hit reply with her message at the top which said (and i quote) "ARGH! space?" which was the reply the owner got from us.

i have to admit that i laughed and thought the mistake was pretty damn funny but i felt kind of honor bound to actually talk to the lady now. i had nicole forward on my cell number so in person i could tell her a more polite version of no...big mistake on my part to listen to the story first.

this is that happened to turn mya's life upside down...shit did not just happen to happened to her family too. her mom thought she had a home all set for mya with relatives that at the last moment fell thru. she then tried friends, relatives and craigs list (shudder) without success. by the time i finally talked to her, mya's euth appointment was booked for the next day (today.)

mya has been a good dog and she is from a good home..she has had both of her knees surgically repaired and apparently she has a life long tendency to get a bit anxious and will eat electronics like blackberries and cell phones whenever she is left alone.

now i am starting to like this dog...i wonder.... can she eat as many remote controls as mystic can?

it was a foregone conclusion....a senior electronic eating, ball crazy pitty mix, on craigs list with a euthanization appointment hanging over her head...honestly, things were stacking up for her far worse then having to come here.

so here she is. mya is a nice dog..she is behaving herself really well while i am sure she is overwhelmed with heartache and fear.

anyway, long story short.....saints welcomes mya, i hope she can very soon find some happiness here.


Kate Dumaresq

When we moved out to maple ridge from north Vancouver, I was actually told by a ministry of family worker that because there had been no decision regarding my new foster-daughter, and we weren't sure if we could even sign her up for school out here, that I should just leave her behind to live in a halfway house (if she was lucky!). Not only are animals disposable, but apparently so are children. That mentality really disturbs me.


If anything bad happened to me or my family, i think i would need my pets even more than i already do. They are great support for the rough times, great motivation for getting out of bed inthe morning. Don't know where i'd be without these dogs and cats, and I would keep them even if i had to live in a tent. LOL. Although my cats would be upset about that...


Thanks Mo, he's better now, will never be the same but at least we seem to be on stable ground right now. We were able to stay in our home, and I have him and all my animal family at home with us so I feel very fortunate, but it all can change with the blink of an eye. Thats why it's so important to make plans and be prepared!


Rae I hope everything is good now...I know that must have been very scary for you guys.


I am on both sides of this fence. Humans who dump there "loved" animals ignore the fact that a rescuer will do everything they didn't. I moved, I sold stuff, i lived in dumps to keep my kids threw my divorce.. i put up safty gates, built ramps, i could go on and on . I bend over back ward every freaking minute of my life to keep there so loved animals under my roof safe..with me, cause i do love them. Sad stuff happens, i get that and it could happen to any one of us but the reality of why most companion animals are dumped is sadder.


actually i really do know that a lot of people fall into hard times or cannot care for their animals anymore and for those people i feel truly sorry. to give up a beloved pet is very hard but i do think that some people no not all just want to get rid of their problem and i am sorry if i am offending anyone but that is the way i feel. i look at people who have had dogs with diabetes and have not helped them and then they go blind and the person can not help them anymore. that sucks they do not want to be bothered with a ablind diabetic dog. i do say what is on my mind and maybe not all people agree with it but there is so much suffering in the world and it makes me sick about all the animals that are the victims.


and i did say that not everyone who gives up their animal is uncaring, but i am sorry a lot of them do not want to put up with incontinence etc gee carol my starbuck is pooping in the house, could you; please take him as i do not want to deal with the problem.


Mya will be loved and cared for at Saints. She has a new extended family now - so welcome to our newest fur-baby.


For the past year my husband has been battling some major health issues and we are just now beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our life will never be the same but I get to wake up beside him each morning and for that I'm grateful. I have a house full of rescue animals and I had to face the realization that I might not be able to keep them. Financially, physically and emotionally I didn't know if I could meet their need. I began contemplating what I might have to do,making plansin my mind to make sure my pets were safe and well looked after. I happen to work with a wonderful group of people at a local Vet Clinic and they have supported us through this whole ordeal. Without their help I wouldn't have been able to keep my family together. The whole situation has given me a very honest respect for what some people have to go through.


that would be great judy..yay! mya is hostig a gala table!!!

lynne..let me put it this way...

losers who dump their animals are doing the animal a animal should have to live their whole life with a with losers is no fun. when the loser dumps their animals..they really don't give a shit what happens next and they move on without a backard glance.

but sometimes our animals actually do come from good people who love them but whose personal lives are devastated one way or another...they could be terminally ill, they could have just lost their home and their job and have nowhere to live, they could have just lost a child to a drug overdose, or are suffering from profound and crippling depression and can no longer cope with the needs of a pet. now these folks read this blog to see how their friend is doing and are desperate to know that they did the right thing for him or her...

so how do we think they might feel reading us rave and rant because they were too uncaring (and maybe even too stupid???) to keep their beloved pet?

we are not the only ones who read this blog...a little sensitivity to others might go a long way to helping someone feel a tiny bit better about having to give their best friend away.

lecture is done.

Judy B

We would like to have her on our sponsor table for the gala please... if that's ok? Thanks!


'she has a life long tendency to get a bit anxious and will eat electronics like blackberries and cell phones whenever she is left alone.' Ha! Sounds like she will fit right in! ;)


i am sorry, i am in a pissed off mood i have just taken my dogs out for a walk because they needed to go for a walk. it was hot but they had a good time wading in the duck pond and goofing off. can people not just take care of their own animals and be responsible for them. i know the odd time it can not be helped but for petes sakes a lot of the time people just can not be bothered i do not know this familys story and i really do not care to know . . and maybe i am being pessimistic, but it happens time and time again. there is always some reason or excuse to dump your dog or animal off. enough ranting. i will go back to my dogs who i love and will keep until they pass.


Welcome Mya, I can't wait to meet you. Oh Carol I can see the remote battles now, my money might have to go to Mystic. LMAO!