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early shift sucks!

Carol  ·  Aug. 16, 2012

mya did ok for her first night...she shared some of my pasta dinner. i stayed up late with her til almost 2 am...i wanted her truly relaxed and settled before i went to bed. today will be another tough day as i will be gone and she hasn't met renee yet but i think she will be ok..she seems a solid and good dog who can deal reasonably well with a pretty big life altering change.

anyway..i feel bad leaving her but i do have to work. and i guess i better get going here, it is time to get my ass into gear.



you thrown your phone out the window?
I'm bringing babette out tomorrow morning, i've conned my dear mother in to driving me.
also i'll email you about a bunch of the requests.

Bunny Horne

Today sucked, I couldn't get the news from this morning out of my head, but moments ago I looked again at STAN the man in his new home with his bow tie tag and how damned happy that kitty is and I feel better. Thank God for the Carol's, Deb's, MO's, Janice's and on and on and on that treat animals like they are royalty. And yes, we have to ask our legislative bodies to change the animal protection laws. I shall write to my politicians this week.


the reality canada...we don't flog, shoot, hang or burn our criminals at the stake. but we can ask the gov't to change the animal protection laws to sufficiently punish animal abusing criminals with enforced penalties of mandatory significant prison time, bans on ever owning animals again, and steep, crippling, life long restitution fines.


The very least they should get is a 9mm to the base of the skull.
My opinion.


Flogging is too good for people who do something like that. Treat them the same way they did the dogs - throw them on the fire. Sorry, but I have no compassion for anyone who's capable of such cruelty.

Kate Dumaresq

Who could do something like that!? I am generally not a violent person, BUT, people who do acts of such appalling cruelty should be publicly flogged.


Story Here

Tiz a sad world

Bunny Horne

What is wrong with this world???? I just heard on the radio of a BC woman who was charged with animal cruelty because she threw two dogs, enclosed in plastic kennels, onto a camp fire. One dog perished in the fire, the other escaped and is presumed dead. People like Carol, Janice and and the many many others spend their lives and every last dime to take care of animals that in many cases other people couldn't. Not all pets require rescue because their forever owner has passed on or has had to go into care or find themselves in financial difficulties.
I have never understood why people who can't handle dogs, cats, kids have them. All I can think of is the sheer horror and pain some dogs / cats / kids have to endure because of sick people.
Our laws are ridiculous - it seems the more horrific the offence the more leniency.