Rescue Journal

new incoming..(aka..already here.)

Carol  ·  Aug. 18, 2012

saints welcomes nugget...a tiny baby chick that some moron set up with a water bowl and a pile of chick starter and a little nest and left under a tree in a park in abbotsford. like they thought that wee little thing wouldn't be someone's snack well before dawn the next day?

anyway luckily some really nice people heard the peeping and went looking.

i was minding my own business putting the barn to bed when i heard a cheerful but distant ... "hello?"

i looked up and saw the nice lady peering thru the outside of brad's pen..and sorry, the first thing i thought was..shit, someone wants something again.

but once i knew why she was there, i was ok with it cuz THANK GOD they rescued the poor little thing. i set the chick up in a bird cage in the rabbit room next to charlie for company. the family named the little one and left a generous donation and i invited them back to check on nugget periodically.

and i just want to be clear here..this innocent babe is named after a gold nugget not a certain mc-nugget.

welcome to your new home little babe.



Does the 95 saints total include people who had signed up for monthly donations before 1000 Saints started?

Bunny Horne

Brad put a hole in his "last" weeks pool. I pulled it out and fibreglassed the entire bottom, and 3 ply where the hole was. I fitted him with a new pool and of course he stood in the pool while it was being filled. If he manages to break this one, no fear the pool with the fibreglass base is curing in the canopy area so it can be used in the future.


My nephew rescued a baby robin from a cat.He chased the cat under some type of trailer where it dropped "robin".He put the little fledgling in a box and brought it home.We took little "robin" to Elizabeths the next morning. Thankfully the only damage done was a minor scratch on its neck.


that is what i thought at first too..except..i don't think a young child would know about chicken starter and even if they did..they couldn't carry a 50 pound bag home from the feed store...i think an adult had something to do with the chick being abandoned under the tree.

"look sweetie...the chick has a nice bed and food and water..she will be fine here under this tree...and she will get to live free in the forest forever."

the kid probably believed it too, no kid thinks their parents just heartlessly staked out a baby as some predators dinner.

Ian and Mary

Whoever left Nugget cared enough to leave the water, food and nest....was probably a young child thinking everything would be ok.......Nugget lucked out big time!