Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 20, 2012

the dryer guys, the shed builders, and the ferrier..all arrived at the same time. plus we ran out of water today and had to switch off the well to the tank. oh...and i couldn't help it..i was offerred an afternoon overtime shift (big bucks for getting called back on a vacation day) so i have taken another shift for wednesday....hmmm...i might just regret all of this in the next couple of weeks...i guess i will see.

rock is a bit perkier...still not great but doing ok. good thing i checked on babette the bitchy cat cuz it looks like she was forgotten today...anyway, i tidied up her cage, gave her a clean litter box, fresh water and food. she is still pretty damn mad, hope she gets over it soon.

renee told me that manny's shower was a disaster today, he is too heavy and weak.i don't want any people to get hurt and i sure as heck don't want the dogs to be hurt or upset in the shower either. so best if manny and riley's showers only happen when i am here to make sure it goes well and safely for everyone involved for now.

freaking gideon man...this morning he comes barging thru the barn and out into the back was currently a de-construction zone but he didn't care, he wanted that grass! i did finally convince him to try the grass in the bottom field so off he went wobbling along the hill edge in search of his good grazing grass. that determined to "self actualize" old man pony is going to give me a heart attack one of these days.

well...we have water...the horses and goats have nice tidy feet, the house has a working dryer, the new shed will soon be a reality within the next week. i ordered the gravel to set the pad forms on and i compromised between my two conflicting shed sizes..12x12 or 12x20.. i settled for the middle with 12x16.

i think it is ok to go to work tomorrow..i have everything covered..(i think.)



Carol, ur back door of ur van is up. I would close it but I didn't want you to msg me back that u knew and ur keys were in it. Lol


Hi Carol. Let me know if you need some help with bedtime. My cell umber is in the board in the kitchen