Rescue Journal

one of those freaking days

Carol  ·  Aug. 22, 2012

i watched mya have a poop today so i know she isn't obstructed.

not so sure about the baby pigs tho...keekee was having trouble trying to poop today so that has us on high alert baby pigs are sometimes born without rectums and it doesn't show up right away so we were doing rectal checks on my dinner break. can't actually say if she has one or not, the openings are so freaking tiny...i barely saw the opening on deedee. i will poke around a bit more first thing tomorrow to see for sure and the vets have an appointment for us if we need. i just finished checking on them and both babes seem calm, content and relaxed so they should be ok for tonight at least.

unfortunately pepper woke up when i came in the house at he is screaming and carrying on to hang out with me and i am somewhat thinking about murdering him again.

vet appointment for abbey tomorrow..i think she had another seizure today. we will get some bloodwork done to rule out metabolic diseases before we start looking at starting her on phenobarb.

today the cement pad was poured for the new little barn/shed..i am happy with the final placement and size.

we did a new blood test for pat the cat..this will tell us a little bit more to try to help figure things out. it should be back in a day or so and he will stay in the clinic until we know more and can formulate a decent plan of care.

it was another of those freaking crazy days where i am running behind from dawn to very dark time. work was busy which is why they called me in on overtime...saints was nutso busy (we were down 2 regular staff people today,) my cell phone was insanely crazy busy...13 messages by very early this afternoon and then another 10 calls came in for me to ignore while i was trying to work (i have only answered the vet ones so far.) and i am so freaking glad that today is finally done...i feel like i packed three full days into one single day and that was not a whole lot of fun.

now since i just fed him a late night snack...if pepper will just shut the hell up and go back to sleep...i could REALLY be done and go to bed pretty soon too.



I can be there around 9 - 9:30, can stay untill noonish, longer if Darrell is home.


I also have a leather couch someone is donating if wanted.....they live really close to saints....erin maybe on the weekend we can grab it with your truck if time warrants


Just mattress..they probably cant get up otherwise..and if they do..coming down cud be a disaster..imho:-)


i have a double bed that i was thinking of bringing up for sam and leah, carol, i know you said if they dont use it, its my responsibility to get rid of it (np), so what do you guys think? mattress only? boxspring too? i would go mattress only, but i dont want the cold from the cement floor coming up through it. opinions? thoughts?


I can come up in the afternoon on Friday Carol if you would like? I gave school stuff in the morning but could be there around 2. Let me know.


we could really use some help on friday if you have some spare time jamie..i am on day shift so won't have a lot of time to help out much around here and we will still be down one regular staff person as laura and renee are both away this week...i am ok to cover tomorrow since i am on a day off.


Hi Carol, I am always available to help during the week, my number is on the board in the house.


Carol, Thanks for all the work and time on Pat. I am sure he it appreciates