Rescue Journal

so the bottom line is....

Carol  ·  Aug. 23, 2012

life just fucking sucks.

keekee onesey does not have a rectal not ask me how that beautiful baby is not only alive but so fat and healthy looking cuz i haven't a god damn clue.

the question now becomes exactly how much of her lower intestinal tract is actually missing and where has the stool been going til now?
the vet asked much are you willing to spend to try to fix this?

and what little innocent baby is quietly looking at me with one of her chubby faced wide open and very aware eyes while i add up the thousands of dollars that any surgical reconstruction attempt is going to cost?

oh let's just have keekee onesey answer that question.

for fucks sakes, i swear to god i could just stick a knife into my eye.

anyway...jumping the gun is diagnostics to see exactly if anything can actually be done.

love you keekee onesey..we will try our best to help you, but please don't be missing too much inside.


Bunny Horne

Carol, another call to Vancity Visa.....
The 6000 points from the other evening equates to $60.00 I have just donated my remaining 11,000 points to SAINTS which should be $110. If it looks like you are going to proceed with surgery on KeeKee I would love it if you could use the $170 from those two transactions towards that expense.


Sorry, Katherine. Duplicate post. I must have been composing my post as you posted yours.


Ashley I just emailed you a donation request letter and a donation form that your sister's employer can fill out.



Poor little pig. That's so sad. I will keep my fingers crossed for her!


Off topic, my sister can get a donation from her work for the silent auction but they require a donation request letter outlining the event. Who do I talk to about getting that?


From what I just read on-line, boy baby pigs without a rectal opening die within a few days of birth. With girl baby pigs sometimes the rectum opens into the vagina and they can expel the fecal matter that way.
Hope there is a way to fix it for her.

Kate Dumaresq

Praying for Keekee, and for Carol and SAINTS. Actually caring about the welfare of animals, and actually doing something about it, is an unbelievable commitment of time and money and emotional energy. Thankfully, most of the time, caring enough to actually do something about any compassionate cause is greatly rewarding. But, sometimes, it is a test of our resolve and commitment.
Don't worry, when I win the lotto, SAINTS will be set for life! (here's hoping anyway!).


It's called "Atresia ani" - No rectal opening. Males die within a few days without surgery,
but females can defecate through an opening from the rectum into the vagina. So that's where her poop has being going until now.


Happy to hear about Pat. Keeping fingers crossed that the news continues to be good for him.

Carol - maybe we could all contribute something towards Keekee's surgery. If everyone gave even a small amount, it would add up. Hopefully, something can be done for her, and the cost isn't prohibitive.

Carol Ann

happy about Pat. but wtf I never heard of this before poor little babe. Praying she can be helped. This is terrible news.


Time for some good news today. Pat is home (for a week) until they get some more test results)