Rescue Journal

there is one less dead dog in the world today..

Carol  ·  Aug. 24, 2012

i was a weinie when push came to shove and took a chance on that old shelter dog. my reasoning behind saying no was...he has been in the shelter since may and was becoming a problem for the staff with being aggressive and reactive to the other dogs when he passed them barking in their kennels. i really felt i just could not take a chance on him being reactive or aggressive with the sometimes chaos around here because we are so full and i have no single spot as a back up plan to stick him.

my reasoning behind caving in and saying yes was...A. he is in poorly controlled arthritic pain...B. he has been upset, stressed and unhappy in the shelter for the past 3-4 months..and C. i think dying unhappy after months in a shelter is a crappy way to end one's life.

anyway..sheila and leila had met him in the shelter so i called and talked to them. they both felt he was a possibly stressed induced demented dog and certainly overwhelmed in the shelter environment but they both thought that he was at heart a really nice dog and he might do ok here.

sheila picked him up for me tonight and brought him over. i am glad he is here...he is actually doing pretty damn well...far better than most new dogs so i am happy i weinied out on his death and he is alive tonight, laying quietly at my feet as i tell you that he is here.

saints and i open our overful arms and welcomes "crash" into this busy fold.


cheryl k

Yeah Crash..I have seen him posted on Brindle so much..the shelter folks really tried to promote him..he is so a good boy Crash and enjoy SAINTS.

Bunny Horne

He is BEAUTIFUL. I'm sure any of us in lock down would go out of our minds and eventually become aggressive. Saints isn't that kind of place. No cages, no kennels, lots of space to run and jump and swim and play-fight with Mystic. Lots of things to challenge the mind, body and soul and if you are super lucky you can sleep in bed with Carol and a gazillion other doggies.


gorgeous dog! i wish more people thought of adopting older dogs... thank you for taking him in Carol!


I saw the plea for someone to take Crash on the TG website and I am so pleased that SAINTS has become his home. Thank you Carol, he is so handsome, hasn't had an easy time of it lately and I'm sure he'll just love being at SAINTS. I will send you a donation for Crash in the next few days. I feel so relieved that he is going to have an opportunity to just be who he is and have his needs met with you. THANK YOU


Thank you a million times for taking him Carol and everyone at SAINTS. He was a big favourite at the shelter, and we're all going to miss him, but we're so beyond happy that he made his way to you. Thank you!!


Welcome Crash!

Thank you Carol, for making the decision and expressing it so well. It feels like a dog has found a place in the sun ... and knows it.


carol, your big heart never ceases to amaze me. going from a helpless little piglet which you tried so hard to save to going to a dog on deaths row, you truly are amazing. i am so glad that i found saints and you came into my life. we are all truly blessed to know and help you. i wish we could clone you we need more carols in this world and not so many people that do not care. sorry i was trying to put it nicely i know i have a way with words that may offend people. looking forward to meeting you tomorrow crash


Welcome Crash. He looks so much like my dog Simon who I guess is a husky/border collie mix. If his temperament is anything like Simon's he'll fit in very well once he has a loving environment. Simon didn't present well after a couple months at the SPCA either.
Hoping he settles in well!


Hello Crash. He is gorgeous !! Good for you Carol. Big decision taking another one in


I have more food from Bosleys being donated. I will drop it off Sunday if that's ok?


Carol, you are amazing. The depth to which you care is unbelievable. I look forward to meeting Crash !

cheryl and stef

I don't know how you do it But gosh I am sure glad that you do. Crash has landed into a far better place . Hopefully his stress will disappear and he will be a happy member of Saints


That has warmed my heart, Carol. Welcome Crash. He probably thinks he's landed in paradise.