Rescue Journal

a good day

Carol  ·  Aug. 25, 2012

it was a good day to not be dead. crash had a very good day...he wandered around the field and farm yards, sniffing, checking things out, breaking into a lope to catch up to the rest of us, goofing around chest deep in the pond. he is not only completely non negatively reactive to any of the other animals but he is also friendly with stellar social skills.

i finally made him come back in the house to rest this afternoon...he had enough physical activity and i don't want him too crippled to enjoy some more fun tomorrow.

mya had a great day and out of the pond, trying to drag sticks the size of small trees around.

daphne somehow hurt her little foot so she as a bit upset about that.

abbey is still a bit restless and wandering and she got stuck in the mud in and around the pond a few too many times. her bloodwork is back nd it looks ok so the assumption is that her seizures are either tumor or stroke related...we will just have to wait to see how she progresses.

all of us feel really badly that twosey now does not have her sister to play with any more.

everyone else seems to be doing ok..and it was another great super hero weekend warrior day, all of the animals are sacked out replete with food and love and a whole lot of fun.



lol lynne..i am always in a super cool mood unless someone pisses me off:)


it was a good day wasnt it the new dogs did great it was just a great positive experience. nothing went wrong and carol was in a super cool mood things were great at saints today.


Yes it was a fun day in the house today, made complete when Erin arrived (LMAO) .OMG Shawn, the pond was great! Watching Mya trying to bring the tree with her on the walk, everyone playing, running, swimming like it was the best day of their life. Thank you Carol for providing all of us with this wonderful day.


It was a great day today! I had so much fun with Carol and the house ladies ( that means you too Erin;) The trip to the pond was very cool. I loved watching Puff Daddy emerge covered in green then wanting me to give him some cuddles. Mya and Crash absolutely loved the day and I am so glad that Carol gave them this kind of life! All in all, I feel blessed to be part of all this! I'm still smilin


So glad Crash is doing well. So glad Crash found Saints and Saints found Crash.


Hi Carol, Could I drop off the silent auction items today after work, about 5:30? tks


I miss Max already..... But I got the cutest video of him playing fetch with a tennis ball :)