Whishes 4 Whiskers Ticket Sales Push....

Sheila  ·  Aug. 27, 2012

The last of table sponsorships was snapped up Sunday. Thank you Lynne!!! I am still overwhelmed by the amount of people who emailed me and gave me oodles of stuff for the auction. I can now safely say we are heading towards an event that will have lots of different items to choose from.

So what is left to nag about... oh yes... ticket sales. We have sold just over 80 tickets and have just under 70 to go. Historically tickets sell quickly in the last week and they all go in groups of two or threes. I mention this because there may be a few people out there that were thinking of getting a table of 8 but are leaving it to the last minute. Please don't so that you can be assured that you and your friends and or family can sit together. Also the price of each ticket drops from $60 to $50 for a table of 8.

Remember this year we are going to have two guests from SAINTS that are more popular then Carol Hine. This year two of the SAINTS dogs will be joining us ... and Carol is keeping it a well kept secret as to who she is going to pick.

Email me at to reserve your tickets.