Rescue Journal

the life suckers

Carol  ·  Aug. 29, 2012

i think it is almost easier to swallow the sad not my fault stories of the people who dump their animals cuz i don't want to be angry all the time. i don't want to be pissed off and enraged by the weak and fickle mindedness of humans every single time some innocent animal gets their their heart ripped out as i watch them suffer thru loss and terror while they try to find some way to comfortably fit in their new upside down world.

i really am tired of watching and participating in the suffering of countless abandoned and betrayed creatures who haven't a clue that the only wrong thing they did was to innocently be born into a world dominated by soul sucking humans.

it is no wonder that in this day and age we are fascinated by movies and books about the undead. vampires and zombies are just glorified, unfeeling, self centered, soul sucking characters of ourselves. we are driven to suck the life out of every creature we can...we crave the light that is inside them and then when we are done we toss them out.

ask any of the animals here...ask gideon what it feels like to use one's entire liife to fill children's hearts with gladness and decorate their walls with pretty blue ribbons and then when he was all used up and good for nothing more, to be left to starve alone in a field. or ask dixie what it feels like to be raced to win thousands of dollars, to be bred to produce more racing winners to make thousands of dollars more and then have the slaughter truck called because now it costs too much to feed her.
you can ask any of the dogs or cats here who did their best to give their love and loyalty 2 or 3 or 5 or 6 times to different families who only wanted it for a short while before they turned their backs on them and got rid of them again.

and the saddest part is these guys are still trying so desperately hard to give their forgiving and full hearts away so they give them to me because right now near the end of their soul sucked out lives.... there is no one else who wants them.

when will we learn that taking and taking and taking and using and using and using these lives requires some kind of return payment from loyalty, like commitment, like the security and good care of a forever loving family....if we just take but refuse to give back then we just suck up and spit out their whole life from them.

how is this fair?????



My older sister just read a book called social vampires. There is no redemption for them - they are forevery live suckers!!!


I agree Maggie but as long as humans breed to eat other animals the laws will never change.


What Carol and Maggie say is so true and it's heartbreaking. On the flip side, I personally know so many people who adore their pets and treat them like their own children. People who spend hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars when their pets are sick, often money they don't really have. People who's major concern when they move homes is whether they are allowed to keep their pets or not. Carol sees the ugly side of pet ownership/abandonment on a daily basis, and I don't know how she keeps going sometimes, or manages to stay positive. Thank god for people like her. I can only hope (maybe naively)that the caring people outnumber the ones who see pets as disposable, but probably not. I think cruelty to children and animals (the most vulnerable in our society) is the worst possible crime.


It isn’t fair and never will be but as long as we live in a society where animals are considered disposable we are going to be inundated with ‘throw aways’. When it is so easy to dispose of one pet and then pick up another, we are going to be inundated.
If every concerned citizen demanded of our government that spay & neuter be mandatory, under penalty of a large enforced fine, we would see some action. It would take a few years but imagine if people had to jump through hoops to adopt a pet because there was more demand than animals available.
What sears my soul more than anything is what I refer to as ‘casual cruelty’, the casual dropping off at a shelter, if they are lucky, of life-long pets. I have seen cats and dogs literally die of broken hearts by refusing to eat or drink after being abandoned.
We life in an entitled society where animals are considered a temporary accessory only loved while it is convenient.