Rescue Journal

the worst thing about pitbulls is....

Carol  ·  Aug. 30, 2012

their freaking giant and sloppy wet tongues...blech...leave off with the licking mya! i am freaking wet enough!!!!
husky's and mal's on the other hand just give rare and tiny, almost nonexistent licks... they are not going to look like some kind of slobbering needy suck up maniac, they have far too much dignity for that.

the rock. pat, flora and achilles are ALL being pain in the asses about eating.i have a headache tonight you guys from worrying so fer chrissakes how hard is it to save my poor head and just freaking start eating?

i think i am going to pull danny out away from tu...he keeps peeing on her and it is pissing me off, she is all covered in yellow spots of urine..that testicle-less boy bunny is totally gross! i think i will try amber in with tu..that ought to be a good gentle mix. and maybe i will try dannyboy with the warrior princess, i double dare him to even think about peeing on her!

we brought in $2000 of hay today..that filled the hay shed right up!

nicole got an email from a shelter in kansas asking us to take in some of their senior dogs...she has been getting A LOT of intake requests..i am pretty sure she really hates opening her emails lately. so sorry nicole but hey!.... you are doing a great job!!!!!

ok, that is pretty much it for blogging...i am going to pop some tylenol and go to bed early tonight.



I noticed the pee stains on Tu last Sunday. Poor Tu - she's so happy to have a companion, even one that sprays on her!!! Marta & I can clean her up on Sunday (just with a cloth dampened with water - it should work O.K). Maybe Tu and Amber will get along - poor Amber must be devastated without Stevie. But Danny with Leia? That I must see!!