Rescue Journal

so all of the worry cats ate at least a little bit today..still watching them carefully tho cuz any of them could suddenly go either way..

Carol  ·  Aug. 31, 2012

bru is coming to spend the weekend tonight..jenn is globe trotting again.

shane is spending the night at the vets cuz one of these bastards bit him in the head. krista wasn't sure who it was cuz she was taking the garbage out. when she came back in shane had a wound on his head. by the time the vets who were busy today got to him to suture him up, it was late and he was too sedated to come home by closing so i will pick him up in the morning.

i was thinking that maybe it was june because shane has really been pushing her around and trying to dominate her lately and maybe she finally got pissed and pushed right back. but june wasn't in the computer room when i got home so not sure if krista moved her before she left for the day or if she is actually innocent and off the suspect hook.
phoebe as always could be the culprit or it could have been mya cuz i have seen her go after the other dogs a couple of times.

anyway, bottom line... not sure who was the asshole today...but i am watching you guys now cuz someone is in big trouble as soon as i figure it out.


shelagh f

I guess we were talking and I saw you write the
cheque and walked away, proving I can't walk and
talk at the same time. It does sound familiar to
check you have filled it out.


sorry shelagh...everyone (except you....) knows to always check that i wrote out any cheques correctly..i screw them up all the time..that is why ann usually writes them!..i think i have an unconscious desire NOT to spend money!

monday is an all star volunteer day..come play with the weekend warriors, you will have a very great day.

shelagh f

I guess Odie is breathing a sigh of relief because he
can't be blamed for this one. Poor Shane.
What happens on Monday, being a holiday and all? I
am going to bring out the canned food and can help
in the house or mp room. All the regular weekend
people know what to do, but what happens on long
weekends? Will be there anyway and do what needs
to be done.
You did everything last week, Carol but sign the
cheque. LOL. Will bring the extras we talked about. Maybe see you Monday.