Identify the Rabbits!!!

 ·  Sep. 1, 2012

Hopefully the link above will work properly. The link above are pictures of the rabbits at SAINTS (via Jen). There are 14 rabbits that have been sponsored. I have picture of Bob and OGrady. Can the volunteers please identify the rabbits in the picture. I need Amber, Anthony Hopkins, Bun Jovi, Billy, Danny, Leia, Lincoln, Ray, Stevie (RIP) and Tu identified. <br>

Please indicate which picture you are identify the rabbits in by identify them as in picture#1, 2,3 etc. If I have missed any pictures (I think Amber and Anthony Hopkins are black rabbits), please tell me. I can always take pictures tomorrow.<br>

Oh, I forgot will also be taking pictures of Mya.

Thanks everyone!!!



Thanks Carol. I don't think there are any pictures of Danny and Ray as I don't remember seeing any pictures of rabbits fitting that colour description. Penny, I will just take pictures of them tomorrow. Thanks.


Hi Leila - Danny and Ray are two separate bunnies. I have a photo of Danny, so does Tammy. I can send you a copy of the photo if let me know where to send it, or you may just want to take new photos of Danny and Ray yourself. Let me know.


4 is lincoln
5 is thumper and tu
8 is clover or lincoln
10 is ogrady and lincoln
the rest are right

tammy is right..i just figured out how to enlarge it...8 is lincoln, i can now see ogrady behind him

ray is a solid steel gray rabbit...danny is a dark smoke black grey bunny


i can't tell on this screen if that pic is white and grey or white and black..if it is white and black it is clover...white and grey is lincoln.


Sorry Carol, you are going to have to number the names with the pictures because something isn't matching up for me.

I found pictures of Amber, Anthony Hopkins, Bun Jovi and Stevie.

I just need a picture of Danny and Ray or is it Danny Ray and I have split the name?


Hi Leila I did the same thing for my project - the challenge thou is the bunnies and I don't want any of them left out. I will work with Penny she knows them all.


Bunny, I went through the SAINTS facebook site to get pictures for the sponsorship cards. Most of the SAINTS are named next to their pictures except most of the rabbits because I think the rabbits tend to be a bit shier than some of the species of animals and harder to get to know (well maybe the sheep are too).

Because I went through facebook, I didn't have to bother anyone for pictures except for nameing the bunnies and less than a handful of other animals that are in foster.

Bunny Horne

Matching the name to the photos would be fabulous because I will need names and photos for a fundraising project I am working on.


spiffy and billy, billy, thumper, tu and thumper,lincoln, princess leia, billy, clover, one of the brown betty's, lincoln and o'grady..i will post pics of the ones that you want.