Need Photographs of the Following Animals

 ·  Sep. 1, 2012

I need photographs of the following animals for sponsorship cards:

Katie, Hymie and Squeaky. These are permanent foster cats. I know Maggie is fostering Hymie and Squeaky. Not sure who is fostering Katie.

I also need a picture of Loretta who is a chicken

I will be at SAINTS tomorrow to take pictures of Gracie, Ted and their baby if that is okay with Carol. I will bring my large lens so I don't have to get close.

If anyone has pictures of the above cats and Loretta, please email them to



Hi Helga. It is better that you email them in the original size anyway. Thanks.


I am fostering Katie. There was a photo of her in the blog when she first came. I have a couple of shots of her. I'll e-mail them to you but I don't know how to make them digitally smaller so they will take a while to download.