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another day another dollar...blah, blah, blah.

Carol  ·  Sep. 3, 2012

not sure if the dogs are more stupider than usual or if i am just in bad mood. is most likely me.
anyway..i am being very nice and kind to them unless they start barking..then i am clenching my teeth, pointing the deadly finger and snarling at them to shut the hell up.
honestly, it works pretty good and scares the crap out of the smarter ones.

max was disgusting when i got home so i popped him in the sink and gave him a quick kissy face bath but my kissy heart wasn't really into it. next i was gentle and slow and cheerful while getting some of the matts out from behind crashes ears but i really wanted to muzzle and hold him down and get it over with quick.
i am holding the real bitchy impatience in pretty well as i do the few things that i need to... but i just want to be done with them all for the night.

i think it was because my sleep was disrupted again last night and i am just overtired...(smokey was seizuring...he is fine today.)

and that reminds me of something else i must do, which is figure out a way to get him groomed. i have been putting it off because i thought he was going to die soon and i didn't want to unduly upset him near the end of his life. but since he has apparently decided to stick around for awhile more....i think it is time to do something about "mr. raggety i am going to live for a long time more smokey" get him cleaned up and groomed.

well i think i will do up the diabetics and go give griffin shit for terrorizing jesse again ( i can hear him!) and then call it quits for the night.

pointing the deadly finger and tightly clenching and showing my teeth is totally lost on griffin because he can't see. so i will just yell at him to shut the hell up and quit bugging jesse but he will probably ignore me....big sigh...griffin is not afraid of me.


Carol Ann

Yes Mo, me too and is Griffin afraid of anyone, I doubt it. So small yet so fearless.


i got about a quarter of smokey stress free shaved last pm...he currently looks like shit but we might be getting somewhere nearer to cleaner but maybe not so much neater a little bit at a time.

hah..but guess who won't be coming to the gala dinner!

i so suck at shaving!

Bunny Horne

In case anyone hasn't felt the wrath of Carol's teeth gritting and finger pointing - let's just say when she did it yesterday on a dog walk there was complete and total silence in all of Mission. I'm not kidding.

I have tried a number of times to comb Smokey with the skookum comb that KO has, it works fast and gets lots of undercoat and mats out fast. Unfortunately Smokie's tolerance for the brushing is about 5 strokes. After that he's outta there. Maybe if you dangle a dog treat over his head like a pendumlum he will sit still long enough to get some. You know how he loves his dog treats.


Carol could you give me a call about Squeakers please.
He is not doing well