Rescue Journal

a couple of business type things...

Carol  ·  Sep. 6, 2012

we ran out of water yesterday..that was a bit of a shock cuz the 3000 gallon house tank was filled last saturday and it usually lasts a week.
so a quick reminder to everyone to watch the water use and waste...we have spent $700 on water is the last 4 weeks..and that hurts.

also..looking for a volunteer to REALLY commit to taking away the recycling every week. it is one of those things that several people have said they will take on, but somehow i still end up filling the van up every few weeks with a full load of bags to take to recycling. i have to say that looking for stuff in the shop and finally finding it buried under a big pile of recyling, is pretty darn it just adds to the general chaotic mess in the shop which totally drives me nutz.

there are a couple of vet appointments today and i have a few other things i need to get to.

oh and a heads up for saturday....jenn and i are hosting lindsey's baby shower so i have to be out of here by 11 am at the latest to help set up.


shelagh f

well, I guess I am bringing a lot of the stuff that
has to be recycled, so I should take it away. Start
with next weeks supplies.