Rescue Journal

is there anyone available...

Carol  ·  Sep. 6, 2012

to host an info table for us at the St. Francis Blessing of the Animals event hosted by Whatcom Road Vet clinic (they tried to save onesy for us!) on oct 6th???? there will be other rescue groups/spca shelters there for the event.



The email said October 6 afternoon, so Saturday volunteers should be good to go.
I am not working that weekend so am free to do it.


I will go.

Nicole, can you just make sure Hana is not on the schedule for tours that day, I do think it's Laura's weekend. I just won't be able to be in 2 places at once.

Hope that helps!


if we can get non-sunday at saints volunteers that would be best so the animals here aren't left without care cuz i am working that day.


I live in Abby and also use Whatcom Vet. IF, you still need someone, I am available.


Diana was also interested... Was waiting to see if she had to work before she could commit though.


I could come with you Lynne. But the i wold hope to be a Sunday volunteer at SAINTS


i had already told nicole that i would do it, hoping someone can come with me.