Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 8, 2012

it is absolutely STUPID to try to do rescue to this degree AND work at the same time.

i came home to an utter disaster...the computer room was literally awash in urine (someone forgot to put down the pee pads today) and max's back end was completely saturated...chance had pooped and then dragged it and himself all over the freaking place, jelly was pissed cuz i moved her up into the laundry room so she threw her food and water around, mya was pissed at being shut up in the entranceway so after throwing her food and water too, she broke into the kitchen and threw that food and water too and i am pretty sure got into a scrap with odie while she was at it.

they are both fine, no marks on either except they both have been doggy drool slimed.

it was a gawd dam rescue riot!

and mya is at the bottom of all of it.

it took 45 minutes to clean up the mess and hose chance and max down in the sink.

big sigh...the floors and crippled dogs are clean, the food and water bowls are once again fresh and full, everyone is back where they want to be and are settling to sleep...oh yay....they now think life is once again good.

i don't need a nanny cam...i need a freaking eagle eyed prison guard to keep everyone in line when i am not here.

i took phebes into the vet first thing this morning cuz i was worried the swelling might impair her breathing. she had her wound cleaned up and is on antibiotics and is currently laying up on her shelf, covered up with a fleece, staring at me accusingly.

jeezus, what phoebe? like you haven't personally caused all kinds of utter chaos around here for the past EIGHT freaking years????

oh and where is dear mya as i am telling you all this?...cheerfully rolling around on her bed in the computer room, eating a tennis ball.

here is a pic of the rabble rouser rabble rousing last weekend after a swim (jenn posted new photos on facebook....YAY!)


this dog is a royal pain in the ass.



Bunny, Squirt is the greatest guinea pig. She is getting so much attention here. One of my cats just love her too.

shelagh f

is there still lots of apples there in boxes
and in the fridge? Heading out to costco in
a while. Worth asking but probably won't get
a reply in time.

I can't imagine after coming home from work
how you do it some days. Even with help, it
is just you at the end of the day.

Bunny Horne

Jenn posted the most amazing photos - and I have to say one of my favorites is Squirt with a harness on munching on clover. Squirt is the cutest guinea pig EVER.