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guessing games

Carol  ·  Sep. 11, 2012

i don't know if it is always knowing and doing the exact right thing that makes us the better people or is it the struggling and searching to find the right thing that helps makes us eventually into better people.

i have loved and euthanized more animals than most people even know in their entire lives and i still do not know if i have the right to make the final decision to end an animals life.

what if death has its own way of ending a life the way it is meant to end. what if my assistence is not required and interfers with how life is supposed to naturally end.
if each spirit and soul has a natural progessive journey to finish before moving on to whatever comes after...maybe my involvement in ending an animals suffering sooner than later screws around with the bigger after life picture.
i often worry about that.

and i worry about doing rescue...what if what i am doing is actually unkind or cruel. maybe dead is better then being stuck in a shelter for the rest of a life.
or maybe this is right because being alive no matter what is worth living a shelter life.

i can drive myself crazy turning these thoughts inside and out. but the bottom line is, i do not have all of the answers or that helpful crystal ball so all i can do is the best that i can and hope i am not wrong.

sometimes the right answer is clear...raven is pretty damn happy here...he thinks i am making an ok choice. but the cosmos are pretty damn confusing i think..maybe the ins and outs are too complex for the human mind to figure out.

and what if i did have all of the right answers to every question i have...wouldthat make me a really good person or just a well written instruction manual.

i think it is the decisions we make while not really knowing which decision we should is the choices that we consider before us and then the living with the consequences of those choices made that determines what kind of people we chose to be.

maybe there is no cosmic plan, maybe the cosmos just waits to see....who we in the end we decide to be and how we decided to get there.



I think if it's a rescue like yours, where the animals are so loved and their best interests are top of the list, then it's a good life for them. You've said it yourself as have others. They don't want much from us, just food, shelter, and lots of love (which they should get unconditinally) and I do belive they are happy and content and not suffering mentally. Yes, when they first arrive in a new place/people, but then you work your magic and I don't think, they think, they have it so bad, in fact, they all look pretty happy to me, so you must be doing something right. :)


The cheque is for the sponsorahip, as I am not going to the Gala. :(

shelagh f

thanks Janice, I don't know how to tell people
how to get there, it is a bit of work to vote,
but worth it for all the dogs they can save.
In such a civilized country, I don't know how
they end up with so many homeless and unwanted

Janice ter Borg

For anyone else who's interested, here's the website to vote for the Bill Foundation:

And here's the latest rescue video of Macy & Melody by Eldad from Hope for Paws & the Bill Foundation:

And here's the live webstream of the mama Melody who just gave birth to her puppies 24 hrs ago:

Carol Ann

I voted but had a hard time finding it it said Bill Memorial Foundation via chase community giving on facebook hope everyone votes I think that is where my first sweetie came from, She was a doll RIP Sweetie #1


Hi Debra if you mean your sponsorship money for Zsu Zsu and rascal I already received it. And as I am writing this I am wondering if that was for a ticket and not the sponsorship.

shelagh f

I think part of being a responsible pet owner is
dealing with the tough stuff too, not just the fun
and games. This is a very tough discussion, and I
have tried writing several things, but they don't
come out right. I am still worried about the
two shizhus you mentioned the other day. You have
to make so many hard decisions that I am sure you
do a lot of second guessing. Don't envy you.

I am going to get on my soap box one more time,
about voting for the Bill foundation in LA. Only
a few more days, you can only vote once and they
could help so many dogs if they win. Either go to
HOpe for Paws, lots of new videos or the Bill
Foundation and vote please. If we all voted we
could really help them. (now getting off soap box)


Oh my, I'm getting old. I think I dropped off the cheque already. Can you check for me. I can't find the envelope.

Ian and Mary

I am sure Lola is grateful to Carol (and Ace of Hearts in LA) every time she trots along Crescent Beach without a care in the world!


I agree with Alison. If society thinks it is fine to euthanize an animal because they are in pain and suffering why is it not OK to extend the same courtesy to a human life when the situation is the same?


I believe euthanizing and allowing our loved ones a dignified death free of pain and suffering is the biggest gift we can give them. I pray the law is in place when it is my time that I may be extended the same courtesy.

Carol Ann

I believe it is never a wrong choice to help an animal or a person.


I believe it comes down to doing the very best we can at any given moment.