Jody Vance is a great friend... and Mary Jo Dionne is a great supporter of SAINTS!

Sheila  ·  Sep. 11, 2012

Our MC for the Wishes for Whiskers Evening, Mary Jo Dionne (who brilliantly show cased SAINTS on Breakfast TV and Urban Rush) had a medical emergency and had to bow out of her hosting duties. And bless Mary Jo because in the midst of her crisis she asked Jody Vance from Breakfast TV to replace her. And Jody ... without realizing she was saying yes to travelling out to Pitt Meadows... said Yes. Mary Jo also happens to be our first ribbons sponsorship of the night and has donated $1000 dollars .




Thank you so very.much Jody and tons of well wishes to Mary Jo
Your support is greatly appreciated by all the residents staff and volunteers.