Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 12, 2012

mya is sneakily guarding the food bowls. she is quiet and subtle about it but she is most definitely guarding and the other dogs are watchng her carefuly when they try to quickly grab a mouthful and leave.

hmmm...the peices to the dog ripper puzzle are falling together.

methinks mya's dastardly pitty plan is to starve everyone out so she can become the one and only.

soooo (again..) what to do????...what to do?????
oh dear mya..if i try really hard..i can be smarter than you.

watch out little sneaky and greedy babe, i am finally on to you.


Shelagh F

The sorting wasn't hard, but there was about
a large garbage bag full of dry cat and dog bags,
some foil, some sort of foil, not paper for sure.
I had 4 blue bins of cans and bleach etc which I
am ok with. The sorting was really getting rid
of the stuff that wasn't recycling. If someone
in Mission wants to step up fine, but till then
I will do it. As I said, I ended up with a large
garbage bag full of the clear, blue bags, a bag
of garbage, (dry food) and 4 blue boxes of recycling
and about 4 laundry bins of carboard, box board.
Wouldn't take much time without the stuff that
I have mentioned. The only thing we have to sort
in Langley is newspaper, which saints doesn't have,
mixed paper. Cans, glass and plastic all go into
the blue bins. I was assuming this was more than
one weeks worth of stuff, maybe not. A work in
progress. Thanks Erin, we'll see you next week
Maybe after the gala, we can get a good solution


hi shelagh, i wonder if it wouldnt be easier if someone in mission (i can take my daily stuff, can someone else step up and take some onthe weekends?) just takes it, we dont have to sort anything, unlimited pick up in city limits. after a week there would be 10 cans full im sure. also, any pet food bag that ISNT that foil composite (so any dual layer bag) IS acceptable here. what do you think?

Shelagh F

so from now on when putting the recycling out in
the plastic bags, could we just put cans etc, no
cat and dog food bags. I am ok to sort what needs
to be sorted, but if the bags are garbage, from now
on throw them in garbage at Saints please. Does
Saints buy those clear plastic bags that the recycling
is in? I can recycle them too, but maybe a big
garbage can and just forget the bags altogether. Just
leave the bins outside the house and mp room and I will empty them each week, save some money and bags, (though they can be recycled. ) Recycling has to be easy or it isn't done. See what works best for staff and volunteers. I can supply some bins or garbage
cans that it could be thrown in and then remove it
once a week. Might have to have two, one just for cardboard. There is that plastic bin with the flip up
lid by the mp door that could hold a couple of containers. It shouldn't have to go to the shop if
I keep up on it. Thanks any feedback welcome


Just a reminder for everyone to vote on the petfinder site for the grant money. Saints has lost a bit of ground to the rescue in second place, so all votes are needed - vote every day.


sorry shelagh...none of the feed bags (including the barn feed bags) can be recycled, they all have either preservatives or a wax coating inside the bags.

Shelagh F

a bit of a housekeeping issue. I took home most of
the recycling last Monday. I don't think the dry dog
and cat food
bags can be recycled. They are not paper and I
don't know what they are exactly. If someone thinks
they can be recycled, ok, but I have looked over
what Langley takes, and I think they may just be
garbage. If someone knows, let me know please.
Think i left some stuff behind, but no more room in the
vehicle. Anyone sees any hidden gems, please put
it out in plain sight. thanks
Mya has probably never had to share her food before
so that may take some work, if she ever learns


I knew by the way you used your words in describing her guarding it was about power and owning.... cuz Oliver is the King of guarding. He does that subtle kind of guarding that sometime it takes me a minute to figure out what he is guarding. We were able to change the behaviour in the first few years when there was more stability and there was just him and Patirck and Luke ... but as the dogs rotated more it slowly snuck up to where it was when he first came. We are lucky he can't do any damage because of his disability.


all told throughout the day we managed to feed her about one can, plus a ceasars, we offered much more than that, and more ceasars than not, still not particularly interested. she acts like jelly, but without the growling. (except i dont think jellys actually drawn blood over food, has she?)


fine...shane had his stitches out today, phoebe started barking again yesterday.

plan A ain't working so great..i added two more food and water bowls to the computer room..mya is still managing to guard them all. plus i asked the staff to feed her three fulls cans of food today so there was no way she could be hungry but when i talked to the staff just before noon, she had only eaten 1/3 of a can.

so this is not about hunger, it is about ownership and power. not so good.

oh well..i guess i will work out a plan B i suppose.