In an effort to sell 15 more tickets in two days to our W4W event....

Sheila  ·  Sep. 13, 2012

I am going really try hard to entice you with the great things that are happening at our Gala

1. Shelley Moore has produced another great video for us this year - if you want a reminder of how greater last year's video here is the link

2. Two of the SAINTS dogs make an appearance this year - come to the event to find out who

3. I have a debit/card machine that I am going to learn how to use with Nicole's help. Hey this is big!

4. You get to meet Jody Vance from Breakfast Television

5. You get to hear Carol do a great speech - right Carol jump in anytime and help me out.

6. Bif Naked donated an brush painting created specifically for our little rescue.


and on the back Bif has written the piece was designed specifically for SAINTS

7. Stu Corbet has done a magnificent 8x10 sketch of Esther that I think everyone who knew her is going to love

8. - an Apple I Pad 3rd generation,
- a "readers" themed gift basket that includes a Kobe reader valued at $100,
- a canuck themed basket that includes a Canucks jersey
- just because we lover our dogs and our Canucks also on hand is a Vancouver Canucks doggie jersey,
- a Danby compact 4.4 cubic ft refrigerator complete with a case of moosehead beer,
- a compact Fuji camera,
- a very well stocked vegan/vegetarian organic food basket
- also food baskets from Pacific Basket Company, and two from Urban Fare,
- $100 to $50 gift cards from Cactus Club, Save On Foods, Tim Horton's and Joey Tomatoes,
- a great Cat Tree from Bosley's
- and of course wine baskets and "booze" themed baskets.

9. Also a very great slide show highlighting Jenn's great photography set to some tunes. It is amazing how she can capture the quiet moments
between a human and an animal.

10. And I have run out of steam and cannot think of a 10th reason... maybe other people can?

And just so we always remember this is all about the animals here is cutie patootie senior Nicklas the senior Maltese who owns Bif Naked's heart



another Doreen

10th Reason: will there be any other food or beverages at this Gala?
Alison mentioned putting out cookies and you mentioned a vegan/vegetarian organic basket and some wine, but I assume there will be more for immediate consumption?


I can easily bring stuff home with me sat and bring it to the golf course .. I ll hook up with ali and figure this out


Sorry just read Alison,s post, I will make sure I have all my stuff, including the pizza cert., by Friday night to carol. Thanks Alison!


I can bring whatever items are left at saints on sat. I also still have a few silent auction items to hand in, one I cant pick up til tomorrow, but I work on sat sowhat would be the earliest time that i could
bring it out to the golf. I have some appts thru out the day, but I will make it work for when you need it there.


Thanks Alison

I so appreciate it. The only person who told me he was dropping off at the shelter is Darrell Lecorre Photography. What I am missing that should come her is the following certificates that didin't show up from Willow Hill Cat Hotel, Fairfax Mechanical,
and Obsessive Compulsive Beaders. Michelle across the street was going to get a certificate from a pizza place that didn't come in. Carol told me there was stuff there she would know where it is... Usually people put Gala, auction items, or Sheila on the items and they are in the office or on the MP room desk.


I can grab them after my shift on sat. Just let me know what I'm grabbing. I have to come early to put out cookies anyway :)


Hi SAINTS volunteers, I am asking for a favour on my sister's behalf. There are still some auction items at SAINTS that need to get down to the Pitt Meadows Golf Course. Sheila was going to drive down tonight and pick them up and I told her "no you're not". Both Sheila and I have not gone to bed until around 2:00 AM getting things ready for the gala for the last few nights and are still working on things tonight. Sheila was up past 3:00 this morning as she had to redo the whole program over again as the file became corrupted. She has a busy today tomorrow with SAINTS and SPCA stuff and I am going to be out of town for a seminar. Sheila hates me saying this but her health is not the greatest and there is only so much that she can push herself. So instead of having Sheila drive out tonight to get the auction items because the only time she can fit it in, can someone or someone(s) transport the items to Pit Meadows Golf Course on Sat. I would very much appreciate it.


Hey Carol I will buy 2 i will pick them up tomorrow after I cash my check


wish i could bid on some of all that from afar!! ... if there's a volunteer who would like to go but can't afford it, i'd be happy to buy a ticket for them to use...