in advance...

Carol  ·  Sep. 14, 2012

the big gala event is simply for our vet bills..the money we raise all goes directly onto the medical bills. hopefully we make enough to achieve zero balances on all of the accounts..that is the goal.
the day is looming close so please everyone, cross your fingers and wish us luck!

thx in advnce to everyone who has chipped in to help make the event a successs..all of the animal and table sponsors, all of the donors of auction items, all of the folks who did what they could to help with all of the details, and all of the folks attending this year.
sheila has been running herself ragged to pull it all together .... it is going to be a great event.

a BIG FURRY AND FEATHERED THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!from all of the wrecked ones here!



Oops sorry Leila was using my computer and I just posted the above comment as her.


Maggie I don't have your phone number so can't call.
Do you want an extra ticket from the one you already paid for. I hope you got the ticket because you were on of the few people a mailed out to.


Sorry guys, Sheila is not home right now. She had to go to meeting in Vancouver tonight. I think she will be home somewhere between 8 and 9 so if anyone is trying to contact her, she will get back to you as soon as she can. Not sure if she contacted you Maggie before she left.



HI Carol, the painting that was dropped off at SAINTS today was something Sheila arranged. I just looked into her emails. She didn't tell me about it or maybe she did and usual I wasn't paying attention. Sorry I was snarky - sent you an email through Sheila's account.


hi michelle..just toss it in the door of the trailer tonight or tomorrow morning and i will grab it before the other stuff goes out to the gala


Hi Carol, Could I please come by tonite when I get home from work to give the last two silent auction items? If not, I can run it over in the morning before I leave.


Sheila, Could you put a ticket aside please and if possible, give me a call.