Great Gala!

Jenn  ·  Sep. 16, 2012

GREAT BIG thanks to everyone for a great gala this year. We raised about what we raised last year and will will let know you the exact amount once Sheila has counted and I am sure triple counted every penny!

Thanks you to everyone who helped to make the evening possible - the over 115 people that attended and made the night a wonderful evening and enabled us to raise a great amount of money for senior animals. Jodi Vance from CityTV's Breakfast TV was our host and she did a fantastic job. She is a true animal lover.

Here is a special thanks to those that donated items for our auction and sponsored our tables:


Here is a picture from the Gala with host extraordinare Jody Vance holding special guest saint Tina as Carol leans in for a kiss


you can see all of the pictures from this special evening here on our facebook page click here

The video this year was made by Cole Kennedy and Shelley Moore and was so so good. I was blown away by it and I can't wait for Shelley to post it on Youtube so that we can share it with you! Hint, hint ... shelley :).



Leila! I forgot to totally give you a kudos for the amazing table tops - the centre peices looked amazing. You really out did yourself. And seeing my photos so beautiful matted just wowed me and made them look even better. I know how much work you put into those. I have two hanging on my fridge right now. Thanks.


What an amazing night! I am so proud to be part of SAINTS and what Carol does for the wonderful animals.

Judy B.

SAINTS was mentioned on Breakfast Television by Jody Vance! Yay... :)


Don't be so hard on yourself Leila, we all thought you did a great job, especially me. I know how much work goes into the organisation of an event like this and you two are number one with me. So thanks again for a job well done.


I have to apologize for screwing up royally on handing out the tickets. I thought I came up with a full proof and easy plan for handing out tickets (i.e. hand out tickets according to tables and colour code the envelopes for paid and not paid). But 2 things went wrong - 1st thing: the excel spreadsheet that had additional info on it for cross checking did not save properly and at 1:00 in the morning I did not want to redo the spread sheet over again. 2nd thing: I mixed Mo's 16 tickets up with Ann Cordings 8 tickets which screwed me up for the rest of the night. And then Sheila kept nattering in my ear like sisters do (so irrating). Anyway after all the bull shit explanations sorry for those who had to wade through my incompetencies - won't happen again.


I'm uploading the video to youtube... it is taking a long time, but I hope it will be available tomorrow.


Hi Roff, Tina, Mini Me and newest saint Benji attended. They certainly enjoyed themselves and were being carried around and loved all night long. They got some pretty tasty eats. You can see pictures on our facebook page.


...still waiting to find out what lucky dogs got to attend the gala ... and if they enjoyed themselves as much as I expect they did.


what a great night. it is awesome to honor all these animals that have made saints their home and an honor to say a very big thankyou to carol, the one who has made this all possible. without carol these animals would be homeless and she has an amazing number of people who step up to help her, thanks so much to sheila and leila for your support, time, and love of these animals i can only say that i am forever grateful that i am a part of saints as are all the people that love and take care of our saintly crew. what an amazing experience.