Rescue Journal

the two new old hounds are here.

Carol  ·  Sep. 18, 2012

lollie came from kamloops AC..she is an ancient bluetick coonhound with some pretty funky tumors and growths. the one on her eye for sure has to come off, it is already breaking down and bleeding. sweet dog..typical hound, sniffing and nosing around. lollie gets stuck in my mouth so since the AC staff named her, we will just alter it slightly and call her lottie..i won't stutter so much with the T's.

bess had no name til now...she is an ancient plott hound mix stray from up near 100 mile house. pretty close to emaciated, you can tell she has had a really hard life. she reminds me of our beloved past rosebud. very sweet and gentle dog.

i doubt either dog is long for this world but at least they can have the time that is theirs left to live however they would like to live it best.

i started them out in the frail room but lottie is far too noisily interested in baying her head off at the cats. so i have moved them over into the big dog room. they are ok with al and andy and jesse and june and mystic. i am too tired to introduce them to the little yappy dogs yet. i am sure the intro's tomorrow will go fine tho, both dogs are calm and gentle and threat to anyone at all.

i hauled over a couple of soft beds for those ancient bones to rest on tonight.

welcome to saints lottie and bess.



I can't wat to see them either. I knew a very cool blue tick hound years go named Wink. Such a character and smart. Loved that barn dog so much!


2 very lucky Hounds getting to end up with you. So awesome that they get to enjoy life for the first time. I can't wait to see them and spoil them!